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Policies and Politics

Policies & Politics - Views From The Industrial Heartland

A look at the issues, ideas, culture, and politics of the Industrial Heartland.

  • Timothy Noah is an American journalist and staff writer at The New Republic. He is also the author of the book, "The Great Divergence", about income inequality in the United States.
  • In this episode hosts Tim Francisco and Paul Sracictalk with Americanpublic policy commentator and political advisor, Oren Cass.
  • An analysis of the 2022 Ohio GOP Senate Primary
  • Tim Francisco and Paul Sracic talk with Chris Arnade about peoplestruggling with poverty, precarity, addiction and disenfranchisement.
  • Tim Francisco, Director of the Center for Working-Class Studies at YSU,and Paul Sracic, Professor of Politics and International Relations atYSU talk with Marilyn Geewax, former Senior Business Editor for NPRabout the Industrial Heartland.