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Composer's Datebook

  • OK, if your dad wrote music for silent movies and you want to write music yourself, does that increase the odds you’ll end up a film composer, too? That was the case with David Raksin, who was born in Philadelphia in 1912, and who died in Los Angeles on today’s date in 2004.

  • Just about ANY time is a good time to be in Paris, but chances are, given your druthers, you wouldn’t have chosen to be there in 1942. The city was occupied by German troops, and World War II had several more dismal years to grind on.

  • Performers need composers and composers need performers. And some performers really like composers–and vice versa.

Doing Good

  • Gina talks with Stacy Call, Chief Nursing Officer Mercy Health, about 2020 being the International Year of the Nurse.
  • Gina talks with Leah Merritt of the YWCA about the Bright Futures scholarship program.
  • Gina talks with Tricia Perry from the Mahoning County Board of Developmental Disabilities about DD Month and programs.
  • Gina talks with Sheila Triplett about a panel discussion on white privilege.
  • Gina talked with Sr. Norma Raupple about how she helps run an English as a second language program at no charge.
  • Gina talked with Steve Phillips about the free tax return program at YSU.