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Composer's Datebook

  • On this day in 1904, in Cologne, Germany, Gustav Mahler conducted the first performance of his Fifth Symphony. It was not a success. Applause was light, with loud hissing from some in the audience.

  • On this date in 1831, the 21-year old Felix Mendelssohn conducted a concert in Munich consisting entirely of his own works – a concert that included the premiere of his Piano Concerto in G Minor, with its composer as the soloist.

  • Today’s date in 1956 marks the birthday of the Cuban composer Eduardo Martin, a name that might not be all that familiar to you – unless you play guitar, that is.

Doing Good

  • Gina talked with Emily Martinez, Director of Community Services at the Mahoning County Board of Developmental Disabilities.
  • Gina talked with Cheryl Tarantino of Northeast Ohio Adoption Services.
  • Gina talked with Cindy Orseline about suicide awareness walk.
  • Gina talked with Cristine Flanagan of the Rose Mary Flanagan Ovarian Cancer Foundation.
  • Gina talked with Anthony Traficanti about the Poland Municipal Forest.
  • Gina talked with Heidi Larew about art therapy for kids.