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  • Coronavirus World Map: Tracking The Spread Of The Outbreak

    This page is updated regularly. Since the new coronavirus was first reported in Wuhan, China, in December, the infectious respiratory disease COVID-19 has spread rapidly within China and to neighboring countries and beyond.
  • COVID-19 Exploits Cracks In Chilean Society

    Chile looked as if it were well prepared to deal with the new coronavirus. It's a rich country — classified as high income by the World Bank. Life expectancy is roughly 80 years — better than the United States'. It has a solid, modern health care system, and when the outbreak began...

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Composer's Datebook

  • In the German, "Gluck" means luck, and today's date marks the birth anniversary of a German composer named Christoph Willibald Gluck, whose good fortune it was to be credited with "reforming" the vocally ornate but dramatically static form of Baroque opera.

  • On today's date in 1937, some jaunty music by the French composer Darius Milhaud premiered in Paris. It was a suite for two pianos entitled "Scaramouche," after a stock character in the Italian commedia dell arte, an art form famous for thumbing its nose at authority.

  • In 1971, American film composer Bernard Herrmann confessed, "the only thing I ever did that was foolhardy was to write an opera." The opera was based on the 19th century novel "Wuthering Heights" by Emily Bronte.

Doing Good

  • Gina talks with Stacy Call, Chief Nursing Officer Mercy Health, about 2020 being the International Year of the Nurse.
  • Gina talks with Leah Merritt of the YWCA about the Bright Futures scholarship program.
  • Gina talks with Tricia Perry from the Mahoning County Board of Developmental Disabilities about DD Month and programs.
  • Gina talks with Sheila Triplett about a panel discussion on white privilege.
  • Gina talked with Sr. Norma Raupple about how she helps run an English as a second language program at no charge.
  • Gina talked with Steve Phillips about the free tax return program at YSU.