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  • The post Melty, Cheesy Goodness appeared first on Business Journal Daily.
  • GROVE CITY, Pa. – Grove City College students received a lesson in social entrepreneurship from local charitable agencies this past fall. In collaboration with the Grove City Foundation, 25 students enrolled in the college’s social entrepreneurship class split into four teams to work with Children’...
  • YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – The Taft Promise Neighborhood program has worked with 61 organizations, businesses and community groups to improve the 1.3-square-mile neighborhood. Some of the names on the list are easily recognizable: Youngstown Neighborhood Development Corp. and United Way of Youngstown and...

Composer's Datebook

  • In recounting the life story of many composers, it’s a familiar and perhaps Romantic cliché that their work will be—as a matter of course—NOT appreciated by their contemporaries, and that the composer in question will have to toil years in obscurity before his or her music is appreciated

  • Henry Cowell was one of the most prolific of all 20th century American composers. Some of his works are aggressively experimental in nature, while others tap into folk traditions and world music. The range and variety is quite remarkable.

  • Today’s date in the year 1724, a cantata of Johann Sebastian Bach was performed in Leipzig. February 20th fell on a Sunday that year, and, as part of his first annual cycle of sacred cantatas as the Cantor of St. Thomas Church in Leipzig, Bach’s cantata No.