Are We There Yet?

Are We There Yet? was created by WYSU employees to inspire you, our supporters, to learn about and explore your world. From destinations close to home to far-flung corners of the earth, we'll provide answers to questions that you won't find in brochures (What's it like to travel in a group tour? Is a cruise the best way to experience Alaska? If I only have a day, what can I do on Lake Erie?) and we'll offer travel tips and suggestions on what to do once you've arrived. Though small, the staff at WYSU has been on many journeys over the last decade and we love sharing what we know to help you connect to the world in a new and exciting way. If you don’t have the travel bug yet, let us help you catch it!

The Worship of Bread by Barbara Krauss

The Bread Festival, Paris, France.
Few people love bread and bread-making as much as WYSU's Barbara Krauss, so you can imagine her delight at finding a bread FESTIVAL in Paris during the WYSU tour. Our resident "breadhead" shares her observations.

Food, frogs and restaurants = serving up memories in France!

Salad Provencal with salmon
So... many WYSU fans have been asking for more about the food we had as we traveled through France. I can do that. From the coast of the Mediterranean, to Paris, I took notes, and pictures!

Affordable Paris, where art is (almost always) free!

Monet's house, gardens and museum at Giverny

When I first started to plan for this WYSU trip to France, I knew I wanted to bring my daughter, who would turn 11 just before we left. As I began to research the cost of all the amazing museums and tours available, especially in Paris, I was surprised to learn that for children under age 18, there is no charge at all to get into most museums. NONE! And for adults the price is minimal, especially when considering the quality and quantity of what you can see with a ticket in hand. So here is a schedule of what Lucia and I did and how much it cost:

Paris: The cream of the crop in the City of Lights

The WYSU group at the Eiffel Tower
If Paris is a box of jewels, the Arc de Triomphe, the Louvre, the Opera House, the Cathedral of Notre Dame and all the other treasured buildings and sites are the gems found inside. And the Eiffel Tower is the biggest diamond in the box!

Small Towns and Marseille


The South of France – where we learn there is more to this country than Paris

Most of the 43 people on the WYSU/Go Head Tour have the same goal: they want to see the City of Light. But before we do, we will explore other towns in France, all very different than Paris, but just as important to the rich history and culture here.