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WYSU-FM's Community Calendar is reserved for concerts, museum exhibits, theater, lectures, and other educational and fine and performing arts events. It is not for sales or fundraising events and activities.

Tips for a successful submission:

  • Be clear and concise
  • Include date and time information in the description and in the form fields.
  • Fill in as many fields as possible, especially the date and time.
  • Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required.

Everyone is welcome to submit events, though not everyone's submission will be published or announced on-air. All submissions are vetted by WYSU staff. An event may be rejected for a number of reasons including but not limited to: relevancy, submission quality, calendar density, and/or staff resources. In addition, WYSU is prohibited from advertising fund raisers and benefits due to FCC regulations. WYSU provides the Community Calendar as a public service.

In no circumstances will the language of a PSA express an opinion on matters of public concern or otherwise advocate positions on controversial matters. All announcements are subject to approval by WYSU’s station management. With respect to religious messaging, given that most listeners will be of different religions, care should be given to ensure that PSAs are appropriate to the context of public radio, consistent with WYSU’s publicly-supported mission and funding profile, and not unacceptable to those listeners who may not share the underwriters’ religious perspective. A reasonable listener test will be applied under these circumstances. In addition, this rule prohibits proselytizing language or other language intended to draw distinctions between different religions. To be clear, events can take place at religious institutions and the events can be mentioned in messaging so long as they are not promoting the religious services and points of view.

We want to make submitting events fast and easy for everyone! If you experience any technical problems or if you have comments/suggestions/criticisms, please email

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Please enter a description of your event. When applicable, please include the reason for the event and any special instructions for attendees.

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Provide a phone number that people can call to get more information about your event. The suggested format is: (330) 941-3363

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E.g., 02/21/2020
E.g., 04:25
E.g., 02/21/2020
E.g., 04:25

Add the start and stop dates/times of your event. Please note that times use 24-hour/military notation (1:01pm = 13:01, Midnight = 00:00). If your event occurs during most or all of the day, check the 'All Day' checkbox. If your event has multiple dates, click 'Add another item' below the 'Dates' box and another blank date field will be added. You can order dates by dragging and dropping the 'cross-arrow' icon to the left of each date range.

Select the tags that apply to your event. At least one tag is required. This will ensure that your event is easily searchable using the calendar's event filtering feature. Please select only the tags that are definitely applicable to your event. Submissions with an extraneous number of tags will not be published.

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