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Manhattanhenge, a unique urban phenomenon, sets for the last time this year

In a city known for not stopping, the upcoming Manhattanhenge may give New Yorkers a run for their money.

On Monday and Tuesday, for the last time this year, the sun will set between New York's skyscrapers — not only offering the perfect photo opportunity but also a chance to marvel at the serendipitous city planning that made Manhattanhenge possible.


Sri Lanka is in a political vacuum as angry protesters occupy leaders' homes

COLOMBO, Sri Lanka — Sri Lanka was in a political vacuum for a second day Monday with opposition leaders yet to agree on who should replace its roundly rejected leaders, whose residences are occupied by protesters angry over the country's deep economic woes.


3 people are killed, and scores injured, in Russian attacks on Kharkiv

KHARKIV, Ukraine — Russian shelling of Ukraine's second-largest city killed at least three people on Monday and injured scores, including children, the local administrator said. The shelling came just hours after three missile strikes on Kharkiv which the official described as "absolute terrorism."

Kharkiv regional Gov. Oleh Syniehubov said on Telegram that the shelling came from multiple rocket launchers, and those hospitalized for injuries suffered in the attacks included children aged 4 and 16.

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A new dominant omicron strain in the U.S. is driving up cases — and reinfections

Updated July 11, 2022 at 12:39 PM ET

For much of the pandemic, the only silver lining to coming down with a case of COVID-19 was that you likely wouldn't catch it again for a while (though there isn't exactly a definitive answer on how long that period immunity typically lasts).


Privacy advocates fear Google will be used to prosecute abortion seekers

When police are trying to solve a crime, they often turn to Google for help.

It makes sense since the Silicon Valley giant has grown into a nearly $1.6 trillion company on the strength of its most valuable asset: Data on billions of people.

And often, finding out where someone was at the time of a crime, or what they were Googling before a crime occurs, can be pivotal to investigators.

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The New York Public Library honors Lou Reed with a new exhibition

Nobody wrote songs about New York quite like Lou Reed – whether taking time in the park, or going uptown to score drugs.

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He survived a mass shooting near Highland Park 34 years ago. Now, he helps others

Another deadly mass shooting in America. Another community in mourning. Another news cycle spent discussing the gunman, the investigation, the missed signals — and most importantly, the lives lost.

But in the shadows of these stories are the survivors; those who escape mass shootings with their lives, but must find a way to manage the injuries, the memories and the trauma.

And with every new attack that makes headlines, it all comes rushing back.


As states ban abortion, the Texas bounty law offers a way to survive legal challenges

After the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, abortion rights opponents in state governments quickly moved to ban the procedure, while abortion rights supporters quickly challenged the bans in court.


China's zero-COVID strategy is shuttering casinos across Macau

BEIJING — The Asian gambling center of Macau will close all its casinos for a week starting Monday and largely restrict people to their homes as it tries to stop a COVID-19 outbreak that has infected more than 1,400 people in the past three weeks.

All businesses have been ordered to shut except for supermarkets and others providing essential services. Residents must stay home unless they need to go out, such as for food shopping or to work in a sector deemed essential.


Three runners are gored in a tense 5th Pamplona bull run

PAMPLONA, Spain — A Spanish Red Cross spokesman said three people were gored and three others suffered bruises in a tense fifth bull run at Pamplona's San Fermín Festival on Monday.

It was the first run with gorings in the festival so far this year. There are three more daily runs before it finishes Thursday.

Red Cross worker José Aldaba told Spanish National Television that one man was gored on the street, while two others were stabbed by a bull´s horn inside the bullring at the end of the run.