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A lawsuit by survivors of the Tulsa Race Massacre can proceed, a judge rules

An Oklahoma judge ruled Monday that a lawsuit seeking reparations for the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre can proceed, bringing new hope for some measure of justice for three survivors of the deadly racist rampage who are now over 100 years old and were in the courtroom for the decision.


A lawmaker wanted to refer to himself as 'The Patriot' on an election ballot

OKLAHOMA CITY — A Republican lawmaker who wanted to refer to himself as "The Patriot" on the ballot can't use that nickname, the Oklahoma Election Board has ruled.

The board decided Monday that term-limited state Rep. Sean Roberts can still run for Oklahoma Labor Commissioner, but he can't refer to himself by that nickname on the ballot.

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TV has brought the abortion debate home since the 1970s

As people across the United States try to envision a world without Roe v Wade, scripted TV shows have portrayed the impact of abortion on fictional characters.

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On May the 4th, let's remember the time NPR had a 'Star Wars' radio drama

On this May the 4th, we want to take you back to 1981, when NPR turned its attention to Star Wars. That's right: Some of you may have forgotten (and some might not even know) that the network created three radio dramas based on George Lucas' original three movies.

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Eviction filings are up sharply as pandemic rental aid starts to run out

Emergency rental aid has helped keep millions of people in their homes during the pandemic. But that federal program will start winding down this summer, when it expects to have allocated all of the $46 billion from Congress.

About half of that has been spent so far, and in some places programs are now running out of their share of the money and shutting down. That's sending eviction filings up sharply, even as rents spike and inflation cuts deeper into household budgets.


Dave Chappelle was physically attacked in the middle of his performance in LA

Dave Chappelle was apparently unharmed after an audience member rushed the stage and physically attacked the comedian in the middle of his performance in Los Angeles Tuesday night.

Security staff chased the attacker until they detained him off stage at the Hollywood Bowl. The attacker was later escorted from the venue on a stretcher and appeared to have injuries to his arm and face.

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85-year-old bassist Ron Carter has no plans on slowing down

Ron Carter is one of the most prolific and influential bassists in jazz history. During his six-decade career, he has recorded more than 2,000 records, and he has no plan on slowing down.

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Even when IVF is covered by insurance, high bills, surprises and hassles abound

After years of trying to have a baby without success, Brenna Kaminski and her husband, Joshua Pritt, decided to try in vitro fertilization.

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The movement against abortion rights is nearing its apex. But it began way before Roe

The Supreme Court ruled on Roe v. Wade in 1973, saying that access to abortion was protected in the United States.

The decision fueled the anti-abortion movement and congealed it, too. Prior to Roe, anti-abortion activists were operating on a state level, but the Supreme Court's ruling turned the movement into a national one.


NASA is bringing rocks back from Mars, but what if those samples contain alien life?

NASA is planning its first-ever mission to bring dirt and rocks from Mars back to Earth — but before that momentous event happens, the space agency needs to figure out exactly how to protect our home planet from any alien microbes that might hitch a ride.