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Why mail voting laws may slow the count in some key swing states

Follow live updates and results from Election Day 2022 here.

In states where voting by mail is on the rise, there's a wonky reason why officials may be slower to report midterm results on election night.

Before mail-in ballots can be counted, they have to go through a process sometimes referred to as "pre-canvassing."

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It's going to be hard for Biden to meet this $11 billion climate change promise

President Biden has pledged to direct $11 billion annually toward international climate aid by 2024, quadrupling the previous U.S. high-water mark.

It is something that Biden has raised repeatedly in speeches to other world leaders, including during the United Nations General Assembly in September.


A Polish leader's comments about women and alcohol use draw an instant backlash

WARSAW, Poland — A women's rights group in Poland on Monday urged people to demonstrate after the country's ruling party leader claimed that Poland's low birthrate is partly caused by young women drinking too much alcohol.

Opposition politicians, activists and celebrities accused Jaroslaw Kaczynski, a 73-year-old bachelor, of being out of touch. They also argue that Kaczynski, the most powerful politician in Poland since 2015, is himself partly responsible for the the low birthrate in the central European nation of 38 million people.

Chris Evans named Sexiest Man Alive by People magazine

LOS ANGELES — Chris Evans may have put down Captain America's shield but he's got a new badge of honor: he's been named People magazine's Sexiest Man Alive.

People's selection was announced Monday night on Stephen Colbert's late night show and on the magazine's website. Evans, who for nearly a decade played Captain America in Marvel's sprawling superhero films, takes the baton from another Avenger, Paul Rudd.


Monday's Powerball lottery drawing has been delayed due to security protocols

The drawing for Monday night's record $1.9 billion Powerball jackpot has been delayed, as more time is needed to carry out security procedures, the California Lottery announced.

"When the required security protocols are complete, the drawing will be performed under the supervision of lottery security officials and independent auditors," the state Lottery said.

The Multi-State Lottery Association confirmed the reasons for the delay, saying that a participating lottery needed additional time to process sales, The Associated Press reported.

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Inflation is top issue in this week's midterms

Like a movie monster from the 1970s, inflation is back and drawing crowds at a polling station near you.

Rising prices are the number one concern for voters in this year's midterm elections, outpacing abortion, crime and other hot-button issues.

Here's what happened today at the U.N.'s COP27 climate negotiations

International climate negotiations got underway today with dire warnings about climate-driven disasters, pleas to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and a plan for a new global weather early warning system.

The United Nations, which organizes annual climate negotiations, says about 44,000 people are attending this year's meeting in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt. That includes leaders from hundreds of nations. They have two weeks to discuss how to dramatically cut greenhouse gas emissions, and pay for the costs of climate change.

Here's what happened today.

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NHL team yanks contract of a player who bullied a Black classmate with disabilities

The Boston Bruins have canceled plans to add defenseman Mitchell Miller to their organization, after current players and NHL officials spoke out against Miller — who was convicted of bullying a Black classmate with developmental disabilities when he was 14.

Miller has said he apologized and has portrayed his actions as a single incident.

But critics of Miller, who is now 20, say he hasn't done enough to show remorse for his actions or to prove he's now a changed person. His victim has described systemic abuse that went on for years.

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Could this cheaper, more climate-friendly perennial rice transform farming?

Thousands of farmers in China have started to grow a remarkable new version of rice, one that realizes an old scientific dream. It's a perennial form of the grain, which doesn't have to be planted anew each season, but emerges year after year from long-lived roots in the soil just as many wild grasses do.

As Netanyahu forms Israeli government, U.S. may boycott one of his far-right allies

TEL AVIV — Some of Israel's allies abroad are concerned about the possibility that Benjamin Netanyahu will appoint far-right politicians to key positions as he forms a new government.

Netanyahu, who was prime minister for more than a decade until being ousted last year, is making his way back to power after elections last week.

Jewish nationalist Itamar Ben-Gvir, who met with Netanyahu on Monday, is expected to become a senior Cabinet minister. He could face a boycott by the Biden administration, according to a former Obama administration official.