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How the jury in the Ahmaud Arbery case ended up nearly all white — and why it matters

After summonses went out to 1,000 people and attorneys questioned potential jurors for more than two weeks, a panel has finally been selected in the trial of the three men facing murder charges for the killing of Ahmaud Arbery.

But the racial makeup of the jury has been stirring controversy since it was finalized on Wednesday: Only one juror is Black, while the other 11 are white.


Hours after the White House issues its new vaccine mandate, GOP-led states sue

The chief law enforcement officials for Kentucky, Tennessee and Ohio are challenging the Biden administration's mandate requiring that federal contractors get the COVID-19 vaccine.

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Active-duty police in major U.S. cities appear on purported Oath Keepers rosters

Leaked records purportedly from a far-right organization suggest that its effort to recruit law enforcement officers has found some success in America's largest cities. Investigations by NPR and WNYC/Gothamist show active officers in New York City, Los Angeles and Chicago on the Oath Keepers membership roster, with Chicago showing the greatest representation of the three.

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The 2020 vote and its aftermath have left many election workers beleaguered

Isabel Longoria runs elections in Harris County, which is where Houston is. She says she loves her job and thinks most people who do that kind work feel the same way.

"I am an election nerd and I don't know a single other elections administrator who is not an election nerd," Longoria says. "We geek out, literally, on having the coolest job in America that we get to run the founding principles of this country — which is free and fair elections."

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The labor market is back on track after 531,000 jobs were added in October

Updated November 5, 2021 at 9:34 AM ET

A strong rebound in job growth in October is raising hopes that a long-awaited recovery in the labor market is underway. But millions of workers still remain on the sidelines — and the economy needs them back.

The Labor Department reported Friday that U.S. employers added 531,000 jobs last month. Job gains for August and September were also revised upward. The unemployment rate fell to 4.6%.

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There's more demand for boosters than first shots of the COVID vaccine

The number of people getting COVID-19 vaccine boosters in the U.S. is now far outpacing the number getting their first shots, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

That trend represents a big success for White House's aggressive booster campaign. But it also underscores the administration's flagging effort to achieve its high priority of vaccinating the remaining unvaccinated Americans.

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Waiting on that holiday gift from your online cart? It might be stuck at a seaport

A gargantuan crane plucks a rust-colored container from a cargo ship nearly as long as three football fields, and drops it onto a truck with a metallic groan. The maneuver is repeated thousands of times, day and night, here at the busy Port of Houston.

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Voting rights activists say Democrats in Washington need to do their job

As voters trickled into a community center to cast ballots near West Manor Park in Atlanta, singer Gabe Lustman performed as a part of a "Party at the Polls."

Lustman, dressed in a royal purple shirt, played as a DJ pumped music through two portable speakers.

"We're just getting started," he said. "Shout out to the New Georgia Project."

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NBA launches investigation into Phoenix Suns owner after explosive ESPN report

The NBA has launched an investigation into Phoenix Suns owner Robert Sarver who has been accused of racist and misogynist behavior and of creating a toxic work environment.