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Dozens are feared dead after a Russian bomb levels a Ukrainian school

Updated May 8, 2022 at 3:29 PM ET

ZAPORIZHZHIA, Ukraine — Scores of Ukrainians were feared dead Sunday after a Russian bomb flattened a school where about 90 people were taking shelter in the basement, while Ukrainian fighters held out inside Mariupol's steel plant as Moscow's forces apparently raced to capture the city ahead of Russia's Victory Day holiday.


'The New York Times' can't shake the cloud over a 90-year-old Pulitzer Prize

The New York Times is looking to add to its list of 132 Pulitzer Prizes — by far the most of any news organization — when the 2022 recipients for journalism are announced on Monday.

Yet the war in Ukraine has renewed questions of whether the Times should return a Pulitzer awarded 90 years ago for work by Walter Duranty, its charismatic chief correspondent in the Soviet Union.


New Mexico residents brace for extreme wildfire conditions

LAS VEGAS, N.M. — With the worst of the thick wildfire smoke having blown out of town, residents of this small northern New Mexico city tried to recapture a sense of normalcy Saturday as their rural neighbors hunkered down amid predictions of extreme fire conditions.

Shops and restaurants reopened, the historic center was no longer just populated by firefighters, but there was a widely felt sense of anxiety, loss, and wariness of what lay ahead.


Patriotism, unease mix as Russia marks Victory Day in WWII

Red Soviet flags and orange-and-black striped military ribbons are on display in Russian cities and towns. Neighborhoods are staging holiday concerts. Flowers are being laid by veterans' groups at monuments to the Great Patriotic War, as World War II is known in the country.

At first glance, preparations for Monday's celebration of Victory Day, marking the defeat of Nazi Germany in 1945, seem to be the same as ever.

But the mood this year is very different, because Russian troops are fighting and dying again.


Crews work through 2nd night after Cuba hotel blast kills 27

HAVANA — Crews worked through a second night searching for victims of a hotel explosion that killed at least 27 people in Cuba's capital and left more than a dozen missing amid the rubble.

The Hotel Saratoga, a luxury 96-room hotel in Old Havana, was finishing renovations when an apparent gas leak produced a massive explosion on Friday.


Beijing loyalist John Lee elected as Hong Kong's next leader

Updated May 8, 2022 at 4:07 AM ET

HONG KONG — John Lee was elected as Hong Kong's next leader Sunday, after winning over 99% of votes cast by a largely pro-Beijing election committee.

Lee received 1,416 votes in the chief executive election, far exceeding the 751 votes he needed to win and the highest support ever for the city's top leadership position. The Election Committee's nearly 1,500 members cast their votes in a secret ballot Sunday morning.

Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute/Screenshot by NPR

Researchers spot a rare type of dragonfish at 1,000 feet deep

Researchers in California recently came across an incredibly elusive type of deep-sea dragonfish nearly 1,000 feet below the ocean surface.

The highfin dragonfish, bathophilus flemingi, was recently spotted by a team of Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute researchers aboard the Western Flyer research vessel, the institute announced on Twitter. And though they have come across dragonfish before, this particular find was incredibly special.

Boone County Sheriff's Office via AP

An Indiana man charged with murder advances in election for local township board

A man charged with murder is among the three candidates who advanced in a primary election for a township board in central Indiana.

Andrew Wilhoite, 40, won close to 22% of the total 276 votes this week in the Republican race for three positions on the Clinton Township Board, Boone County election results show.

That he would finish in the top three was a given, however — there were only three candidates.

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Rich Strike takes first at the Kentucky Derby in a huge upset

Updated May 7, 2022 at 8:09 PM ET

Rich Strike, who went in an 80-1 shot, is the winner of the 148th Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs, the first stop of the 2022 Triple Crown of Thoroughbred Racing. His win is the second largest upset in Derby history.

Going into the race, Taiba and Epicenter were co-favorites to win, with 5-1 and 4-1 odds, respectively. And many experts had also predicted a win for Zandon, with 6-1 odds.


Sinn Fein celebrates an historic election win in Northern Ireland

BELFAST, Northern Ireland — The Irish nationalist party Sinn Fein, which seeks unification with Ireland, hailed a "new era" Saturday for Northern Ireland as it captured the largest number of seats in the Northern Ireland Assembly for the first time in a historic win.