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Feminists are protesting against the wave of anti-feminism that's swept South Korea

Feminists in South Korea are planning to conduct nationwide protests against gender-based violence this weekend, the first to occur simultaneously in several major cities since the pandemic.

It's a response to an anti-feminist wave that has swept across South Korea, creating a tense gender war where discourse around women's rights is taboo and men claim they are now the victims of gender discrimination.

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After record election year, some LGBTQ lawmakers face a new challenge: GOP majorities

HELENA, Mont. – Zooey Zephyr is familiar with the ornate halls of the Montana state Capitol. She was here during the 2021 legislative session, testifying in opposition to bills targeted at trans-Montanans, like a ban on trans women and girls from participating in women's sports.

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It's knockout time at the World Cup for the U.S. and Netherlands — only one moves on

DOHA, Qatar — When the U.S. men's national soccer team plays the Netherlands Saturday at the World Cup in Qatar, you would assume the pressure on both teams will be sky high.

Because, this is it, right? The knockout stage, where ties are a thing of the past and every match is played until there's a winner. Who moves on? Who flies home?

With that much on the line, both teams are expected to play with a burning intensity.

But for the U.S., in fact, there's relief, too.

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U.S. men's success in the World Cup brings a windfall to the women's team

Players on the U.S. women's national team have long cheered on their male counterparts. Thanks to the historic equal pay deal signed earlier this year, they have millions more reasons: The two squads are evenly splitting the World Cup prize money they earn.

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Previewing the World Cup's round of 16: Who's in, who's out and storylines to watch

This year's World Cup has already been a soccer spectacle: Steamrolls, upsets, dramatic goals, penalty kicks, pelvic contusions, tears of joy, tears of devastation, mere millimeters of shoulder and soccer ball making all the difference between elimination and ecstasy.

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A man who burned a cross to intimidate his Black neighbors pleads guilty to hate crime

JACKSON, Miss. — A Mississippi man who burned a cross in his front yard to intimidate his Black neighbors pleaded guilty to a hate crime in federal court, the Justice Department announced Friday.

Axel Cox, 24, of Gulfport, was charged with violating the Fair Housing Act over the December 2020 incident, according to court records.

A man has been charged with murdering Migos rapper Takeoff

Updated December 2, 2022 at 3:57 PM ET

HOUSTON — Police have arrested a 33-year-old man on a murder charge in the fatal shooting of rapper Takeoff, who they said was a "innocent bystander" to gunfire last month outside a bowling alley in Houston.

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Twitter's former safety chief warns Musk is moving fast and "breaking things"

Elon Musk's rapid changes at Twitter are risking the safety of its most vulnerable users around the world, including human rights activists, free speech advocates and marginalized people in autocratic countries, according to the social network's former head of trust and safety.

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With one dose, new drug may cure sleeping sickness. Could it also wipe it out?

In 2004, when physician Dr. Wilfried Mutombo began treating patients diagnosed with sleeping sickness, the available treatments were themselves horrific and sometimes deadly.

"The widely available treatment then was an arsenic-based drug, and it was toxic. It could kill up to 5% of patients," he says. "I lost two of my patients. They were young, and that was a very bad experience.

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London says no to a big Chinese Embassy, in a blow to Beijing ties

LONDON — Local officials in London overwhelmingly rejected plans for a massive, new Chinese Embassy on Thursday.

The decision over the long-planned project is a bitter setback for the Chinese government, which currently operates its embassy out of a townhouse in central London. It also comes as a once-promising "golden era" in relations between the two countries has deteriorated in recent years.