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Lamb curry shakes up a traditional Christmas dinner. It started with a stay in Nigeria

All Things We're Cooking is a series featuring family recipes from you, our readers and listeners, and the special stories behind them. We'll continue to share more of your kitchen gems throughout the holidays.

A turkey, ham or roast surrounded by side dishes might be what comes to mind when you think of a traditional Christmas dinner. But for more than 35 years and counting, Christmas dinner in Diane Richardson's house has been a large pot of lamb curry.

Ruchi Kumar

When COVID closed India, these women opened their hearts — and wallets

MUMBAI, India – The first time Sangeeta Siwan, a 45-year-old day laborer from India, learned about COVID-19 was when her employer at the packaging factory told her they would be temporarily closing business.

"Everything was shutting down ... the country was shutting down. I didn't even know that was possible," she said.

Her initial shock quickly turned into dread. With the majority of the businesses coming to a standstill, there were very few jobs to replace the one she lost. And lockdowns kept her from being able to pursue even those.


The war in Ukraine is set to slow this winter, according to US intelligence

KYIV, Ukraine — The head of U.S. intelligence says fighting in Russia's war in Ukraine is running at a "reduced tempo" and suggests Ukrainian forces could have brighter prospects in coming months.

Avril Haines alluded to past allegations by some that Russian President Vladimir Putin's advisers could be shielding him from bad news — for Russia — about war developments, and said he "is becoming more informed of the challenges that the military faces in Russia."

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Would-be Speaker McCarthy can learn from predecessors' struggles for the big gavel

The swearing in of a new Congress is now just a month away. Most of the top leadership positions for both parties in both chambers have been decided.

But one has not.

The Speaker of the House is the most powerful person on Capitol Hill and stands next after the vice president in the line of presidential succession.

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Mexican authorities are investigating Shanquella Robinson's death as a femicide

Shanquella Robinson's death is officially being investigated by Mexican authorities as a femicide: a form of gender-based violence that is seen as a hate crime internationally.

Daniel de la Rosa Anaya, attorney general for Mexico's Baja California Sur, the state where Robinson died, confirmed the news to local media outlets earlier last week.

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In the hunt for a male contraceptive, scientists look to stop sperm in their tracks

Condoms have been used to prevent pregnancy since the Middle Ages, with the rubber version arriving in the industrial mid-1800s. Over the years, they've become more effective and comfortable to use.

But it was the invention of birth control pills, followed by IUDs in the 1960s, that created a seismic shift in humans' ability to control reproduction. A growing range of pills, patches and implants became available to women. And yet, a stretchy sheath that covers the penis remains the only medically approved form of contraception for men, short of vasectomy.


El Salvador has sent 10,000 police to seal off a town and search for gang members

SAN SALVADOR, El Salvador — The government of El Salvador sent 10,000 soldiers and police to seal off a town on the outskirts of the nation's capital Saturday to search for gang members.

The operation was one of the largest mobilizations yet in President Nayib Bukele's nine-month-old crackdown on street gangs that long extorted money from businesses and ruled many neighborhoods of the capital, San Salvador.


Some Covid restrictions have been eased in China after widespread protests last week

HONG KONG — China on Sunday reported two additional deaths from COVID-19 as some cities move cautiously to ease anti-pandemic restrictions following increasingly vocal public frustrations.

The National Health Commission said one death was reported each in the provinces of Shandong and Sichuan. No information was given about the ages of the victims or whether they had been fully vaccinated.


Argentina is headed to the quarterfinals after beating Australia 2-1

AL RAYYAN, Qatar — Lionel Messi marked his 1,000th professional game with his first goal in the knockout stage of a World Cup, leading Argentina into the quarterfinals with a 2-1 win over Australia on Saturday.

With a flourish of his famous left foot in the 34th minute, Messi put Argentina ahead with his third goal at this year's tournament and ninth in total at the World Cup — one more than Diego Maradona.


TikTok star Noodle the pug dies at age 14

TikTok star Noodle, a pug known for sleeping and forecasting the day's vibe, died Friday at the age of 14.

New York City-based Jonathan Graziano took to TikTok to announce the news to his 4.4 million followers the following day.