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Ron Popeil, Pioneer Of 'Wait...There's More!' Late-Night Infomercials, Is Dead At 86

Come, young ones: Gather around the glow of the smartphone's screen for a tale of a distant time when we watched TV on big boxy machines, and switched channels when we were bored.

There were commercials — several of them — between the segments of TV shows. What's more, in the distant era before streaming, you had to watch them all — or, if you had time, run to the kitchen or the bathroom. You couldn't pause, or fast forward, or take the screen with you.

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Biden Plan Will Try To Tackle Root Causes Of Migration From Central America

The White House is unveiling a strategy to address root causes of migration, a long-term effort that includes increased cooperation with the private sector and with other foreign governments to try to accelerate change in Central America.

The proposal comes as thousands of migrants arrived at the U.S. southern border every day last month.

Senior Biden administration officials on Wednesday described the plan as "the first of its kind," but much of the proposal is expanding on previous efforts that have done little to curb migration from the region.


As Gymnast Sunisa Lee Wins Gold, Her Hometown Hmong Community Has Her Back

Updated July 29, 2021 at 9:13 AM ET

Minnesota native Sunisa Lee, also known as Suni, is just 18 years old, but the high school graduate is no stranger to facing down immense pressure.

In an already history-making Olympics, Lee's role in this year's games make her the first Hmong-American to make the U.S. Olympic team. She won gold in Thursday's individual all-around competition.


A Texas GOP Bill Would Make It Harder For Nonprofits To Bail People Out Of Jail

When Tonya Galvan spent three months in a Houston jail this year, she said she felt hopeless.

"I'm thinking about my grandkids. Like, this is not where I'm supposed to be. I'm supposed to be out to be able to help with my family, my grandchildren," Galvan said.

When she was charged with assault in a family dispute and held on $15,000 bond, she couldn't afford to get out. When she learned about the nonprofit organization the Bail Project and they put up the money for her, Galvan was floored.

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David Bowie, Travis Scott Inspired The Poems In This New Collection

When award-winning poet Adrian Matejka was working on his latest book last year, he thought we'd be out of the pandemic by the time it would be published.

The book, Somebody Else Sold The World, was released this month — and we're notably not out of the period that's been so difficult for so many of us.


Cutting Carbon Pollution Quickly Would Save Millions of Lives, Study Finds

Cutting greenhouse gas emissions quickly would save tens of millions of lives worldwide, a new study finds. It's the latest indication that climate change is deadly to humans, and that the benefits of transitioning to a cleaner economy could be profound.


The Economy Is Surging. These 4 Things Will Determine What Happens Next

The U.S. economy likely grew at a blistering pace as the country emerged from the darkest days of the coronavirus pandemic. The question now is what happens next, especially as the delta variant continues to spread.

On Thursday morning, the Commerce Department is expected to report that gross domestic product grew around 8% in the period between April and June from a year earlier as the rollout of vaccines spurred a surge in economic activity.


Everything You'd Want To Know About The Unusual Masks Worn By Team USA Athletes

TOKYO — When a U.S. athlete makes it onto the podium in an Olympic event, two things really catch the eye of people watching at home: the shiny medal around their neck, and the unusual-looking mask on their face.

The white mask emblazoned with "USA" in red letters is strikingly voluminous, jutting about an inch in front of the face. It also has a distinctive pleat pattern.

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Coronavirus Cases At The Tokyo Olympics Continue To Increase

Organizers at the Tokyo Summer Olympics have reported one of the highest daily increases of coronavirus cases since they started keeping records on July 1.

Since Wednesday, 24 people linked to the Games have tested positive — including three athletes. That brings the total of Olympic-related officials to catch the virus to 193 people, including 20 athletes.


Simone Biles Now Realizes She's More Than Her Gymnastics Accomplishments

U.S. gymnastics superstar Simone Biles says the wave of support she's received after pulling out of the two marquee events of Olympic women's gymnastics has changed the way she sees herself.

"the outpouring love & support I've received has made me realize I'm more than my accomplishments and gymnastics which I never truly believed before," Biles said in a tweet.