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Undocumented Teen Held In Texas Is At The Heart Of An Abortion Fight

Attorneys with the American Civil Liberties Union are asking a federal court in Washington, D.C., to force the Trump administration to allow a young, undocumented immigrant woman in Texas to obtain an abortion.

Snails Senda (left), Jara, Tomeau, Jeremy and Indi hang out together at the University of Nottingham's labs. Jeremy was the lab's original sinistral snail; the others are his "Spanish pals," as scientist Angus Davison puts it.

Jeremy, The Lonely, Left-Twisting Snail, Dies — But Knows Love Before The End

Jeremy, the rare snail with the left-curling shell whose search for a mate kicked off an international quest, has slithered off this mortal coil.

But there's one last twist to the story. Reader, before he died, Jeremy procreated.

That's right. The little lefty did it.

You might remember Jeremy from our previous coverage, as reported by NPR's Merrit Kennedy.

President Trump announced he would not recertify the Iran nuclear deal and warned that the U.S. could withdraw from it "at any time."

Trump Threatened To Kill The Iran Nuclear Deal. But The Deal Wins — For Now

President Trump's Iran address creates uncertainty about the long-term survival of the two-year-old nuclear deal. It opens the door to Congress to find ways out of it, even as he threatened — yet again — to use his power as president to break the deal himself.

But for now, the deal stands — with the administration itself acknowledging it's better to have it than to break it.

Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. faces criticism of his handling of sexual assault allegations against Harvey Weinstein and a case involving the Trump SoHo development in New York City.

New York District Attorney On The Defense Over Handling Of Weinstein Allegations

If only because of its venue, the office of New York district attorney has long been among the highest-profile prosecutorial jobs in the country. The men who have served in it, legal legends such as Thomas Dewey, Frank Hogan and Robert Morgenthau, have often held the job for years, gaining enormous stature and political capital along the way.

Until recently, it seemed the current DA, 63-year-old Cyrus Vance Jr., might enjoy the same long tenure.

An undated photo provided by the Buncombe County Detention Center shows Michael Christopher Estes, who is accused of planting an improvised explosive device at the Asheville Regional Airport in North Carolina on Oct. 6.

Suspect In Would-Be Airport Bombing Nabbed With Help From REI

Someone left a bomb at the Asheville Regional Airport. That much was clear. The question was, who?

The airport in Asheville, N.C., serves tens of thousands of people every month. According to an affadavit, federal marshals called the FBI on Oct. 6 to report the presence of an improvised explosive device.

The parent company of the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino had put out a statement that appeared to contradict the police timeline of the mass shooting.

Las Vegas Sheriff: Police And Hotel Timelines Of Mass Shooting 'Not In Conflict'

Just one day after MGM Resorts appeared to contradict the latest law enforcement timeline of the mass shooting in Las Vegas, Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo sought to address some questions raised about how events unfolded on the chaotic night of Oct. 1. Lombardo told reporters that the account he offered Monday and the one supplied by the company Thursday are "not in conflict."

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