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Marjan Yazdi

'The Beautiful Dreams That Are Burnt': Portraits From Iran Under Sanctions

Iranians across a broad spectrum of society are having a tough time right now, and many blame U.S. sanctions.

Hospitals struggle to get medical supplies. Imported goods are hard to come by. Tourism has dried up. And forget about traveling abroad. These are just some of the many concerns Iranian photojournalist Marjan Yazdi hears from her subjects in this portrait series.

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India's All-Female News Outlet Battles Sexism, Caste — And Hits The Silver Screen

In a mud-walled house in rural northern India, Meera Devi sits across from a woman who recounts how four men broke into her house and raped her.

"They [people in positions of political power or of a higher caste] can do anything. They can even kill us," the victim tells Meera, who's recording the interview on her smartphone. The woman's husband sits on the floor on the side, listening to the interview with a pained expression. He later says, "We don't trust anyone except Lahariya."

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Rapper DMX On Life Support Following Heart Attack

DMX is in the hospital on life support after suffering a heart attack. The rapper's lawyer, Murray Richman, told The Associated Press on Saturday evening that DMX was admitted to New York's White Plains Hospital and that "he's quite ill."

Murray did not confirm reports that the 50-year-old rapper and actor had overdosed on drugs. He did not say what caused the heart attack.

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Jordan Says Plot Involving High-Profile Figures Is 'Totally Contained'

Updated April 4, 2021 at 12:02 PM ET

Government officials in Jordan said they arrested more than a dozen individuals — including high-profile members of the Kingdom — on Saturday in an attempted plot that threatened the nation's "security and stability."


Georgia Governor Criticizes MLB For Buying Into Liberal 'Lies' About New Election Law

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp lashed out at Major League Baseball for its decision to take both the All-Star Game and its draft out of the state this year, in response to Georgia's new voting law.

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Royal Mummies Paraded Through Downtown Cairo In Museum Move

Twenty-two mummified members of ancient Egyptian royalty passed through downtown Cairo in an awe-inspiring parade on Saturday. The event, which drew fanfare to the country's robust collections of antiquities in an elaborate procession, saw the mummies being relocated from the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir Square to the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization, about 3 miles away in nearby Fustat.

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Suez Canal Traffic Backlog Finally Cleared Following The Ever Given Saga

Five days after a skyscraper-sized container vessel was dislodged from the Suez Canal, the backlog of ships waiting to cross through the Egyptian waterway has been cleared, the canal authority says.


Slain U.S. Capitol Police Officer Was An 18-Year Department Veteran, Father Of 2

Updated April 3, 2021 at 1:43 PM ET

Tributes are flooding in for William "Billy" Evans, the 18-year veteran of the U.S. Capitol Police who was killed in Friday's attack at a Capitol checkpoint. Evans is being mourned by lawmakers as a hero and remembered by friends as a caring father, dedicated officer and good-natured jokester.

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Opinion: Animals Deserve Gender Pronouns, Too

If a cat or dog shares your domicile, I'll venture a guess that you don't refer to the four-footed family member who licks your face, naps in your lap, sleeps on your bed and inhales the redolence of your dirty socks — as if they were saturated with rose petals — as "it." You probably call them by a name; and refer to them as "he" or "she" and various nicknames inspired by their personality and habits, and for that matter, yours.

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People Are Stealing Legos. Here's Why

Lego larceny may be on the rise.

French police have been investigating an international ring of toy thieves with a particular affinity for the colorful, interlocking bricks, according to a recent report from The Guardian.