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Critics Say Tillerson Is Gutting The State Department In His Re-Design Efforts

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Indian men use a roadside public urinal in New Delhi.

Politician's Public Peeing Puts Spotlight On Need For Public Toilets

When you've got to go, you've got to go.

Or at least that's what Ugandan MP Ibrahim Abiriga insisted after he went for a "short call" — a Ugandan slang term for relieving one's self — on a wall near the country's finance ministry in the capital, Kampala, in broad daylight.

Remembering Syndicated Gossip Columnist Liz Smith

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A Bangladeshi child works in a brick-breaking yard in Dhaka, Bangladesh, on June 3, 2017. The broken bricks are mixed in with concrete. Typically working barefoot and with rough utensils, a child worker earns less than $2 a day.

New Numbers On Child Labor Are Not Encouraging

The latest statistics on child labor are in — and they're not encouraging.

An estimated 152 million children around the globe are doing work that prevents them from getting an education or that's harmful to their health. That's almost 1 in 10 children worldwide.

The figures, which cover 2016, were released this week in a report by the United Nation's International Labour Organization.

Here are eight more takeaways:

With examples of Russian-created Facebook pages behind him, Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., questions witnesses from social-media companies during a hearing on Capitol Hill.

Federal Agency Drafts New Rules For Transparency In Political Social-Media Ads

The Federal Election Commission is moving to improve disclosure of the money behind Internet and digital ads, as the shadow of Russian-funded social-media ads in last year's presidential race hangs over the agency.

"We can't, obviously, take over the role of the Justice Department or of Congress," Democratic commissioner Ellen Weintraub told other commissioners Thursday, "but I do think that we could do this little piece."

Rev. Jesse Jackson, pictured  speaking at the NAACP Convention in Baltimore this summer, has announced that he has Parkinson's disease

Jesse Jackson Says He Has Parkinson's Disease

The Rev. Jesse Jackson announced Friday that he has Parkinson's disease, saying that he first noticed symptoms "about three years ago."

Jackson, 76, released the news in what he called an update "on my health and the future."

The longtime political and social activist, who was part of Martin Luther King Jr.'s inner circle in the 1960s and who later founded the Rainbow PUSH Coalition, said that after noticing signs of the motor system disorder, he attempted to work through it.

Distracted driving is a growing problem, accounting for at least 12 percent of road crashes worldwide. Young men are more likely to be distracted, a study finds.

Young Men, Frequent Drivers Most Likely To Get Distracted While Driving

If you're reading this on your phone while driving, stop it. Especially if you're a young neurotic extroverted guy who drives a lot.

Two seconds of attention to the insistent beeping and blinking of our mobile phones or simply changing the radio station accounts for at least 12 percent of car accidents worldwide and 14 percent of them in the U.S., according to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration.

A laptop in the Netherlands was one of hundreds of thousands infected by ransomware in May. The malware reportedly originated with the NSA.

Government Outlines When It Will Disclose Or Exploit Software Vulnerabilities

Government agencies that deal with cybersecurity, like the National Security Agency, have two competing interests. On the one hand, they want to protect America's online infrastructure and economy from cyberattacks. On the other hand, government agencies want to harness tools to attack opponents in cyberspace.

In a monologue on her Hulu show <em>I Love You, America</em>, comedian Sarah Silverman described the sadness and anger she feels about her friend Louis C.K., following his admission of sexual misconduct.

Sarah Silverman Asks: 'Can You Love Someone Who Did Bad Things?'

Comedian Sarah Silverman confronted one aspect of the wave of sexual abuse and misconduct revelations that have come out in recent weeks: the anguish when the perpetrator is a friend.

"I wish I could sit this one out," she says in a monologue for her Hulu show I Love You, America. "But then I remembered something I said on this very show: that if it's mentionable, it's manageable. So I'm going to address the elephant masturbating in the room."

German Chancellor Angela Merkel arrives at her Berlin party headquarters Friday for talks with members of potential coalition parties to form a new government.

Germany's Merkel, Weakened After Poor Election Showing, Struggles To Form Government

For seven years, Angela Merkel has topped Forbes magazine's list of the most powerful women in the world. In the wake of populism's rise in European and U.S. politics, she's seen by many as a vital pillar of Western values and multilateralism.

But the 63-year-old chancellor of Germany could soon lose her job if she fails to form a new government.