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Federal Officials Can't Be Sued For Clearing Protesters Near White House, Judge Says

A federal judge has dismissed claims that former White House officials conspired to forcibly remove peaceful protesters last year from Washington, D.C.'s Lafayette Square so that then-President Donald Trump could pose for a photo holding a Bible at a nearby church.

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Opinion: Vaccine Hesitancy In The U.S. Is A Peculiar Privilege

"I want to wait and watch."

This is a peculiar response I receive from my friends and some family members in the United States when I ask them about their thoughts on COVID vaccination. This is a peculiar response for a couple of reasons: COVID vaccines are exceptionally effective, they are now readily available and they are the best way to end the pandemic and return to normalcy.


More Police Officers Have Died On The Job So Far This Year Than In 2020. Why?

The rate of on-the-job fatalities for police is higher this year than it was at this time in 2020, according to an organization that tracks law enforcement deaths.

The National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund reports that as of Monday, June 21, a total of 151 total deaths were recorded -- an 11% jump from last year. The NLEOMF tracks federal, state, military, tribal and local law enforcement officers deaths.

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New Yorkers Head To The Polls In A Heated Mayoral Race. Here's What's At Stake

New York City Democrats select their candidates for mayor on Tuesday, in a primary race that's being seen as an indicator of how voters balance priorities such as crime and police reform. The diverse field also suggests New York could be on the verge of sending its second Black candidate – or perhaps its first woman – into the mayor's office.

What's The Best Way To Help The Climate And People, Too? Home Improvement

Workmen have invaded Flora Dillard's house on the east side of Cleveland. There's plastic over everything and no place to sit, but Dillard doesn't seem to mind. "A couple of days of inconvenience is nothing, compared to the results that you get," she says.

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Democrats' Sweeping Voting Rights Legislation Is Headed For Failure In The Senate

Democrats' massive election overhaul bill aimed at protecting and expanding voting rights and reforming campaign finance laws is all but guaranteed to stall in the Senate on Tuesday. It doesn't have the support to advance over a procedural hurdle that would allow the legislation to come up for a debate.


Ranked-Choice Voting Gets A Prime-Time Shot Under New York City's Bright Lights

An important election takes place Tuesday in New York City.

But beyond who wins the mayoral primaries there, what happens could have consequences for how millions of Americans vote in the future.

That's because the city, for the first time, is using ranked-choice voting. The method, which allows voters to rank candidates by preference rather than selecting just their top choice, has gained some traction throughout the country, pushed by reformers who say it's a better election system.

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Delta Variant Of The Coronavirus Could Dominate In U.S. Within Weeks

The dangerous Delta variant of the coronavirus is spreading so quickly in the United States that it's likely the mutant strain will become predominant in the U.S. within weeks, according to a new analysis.

The variant, first identified in India, is the most contagious yet and, among those not yet vaccinated, may trigger serious illness in more people than other variants do, say scientists tracking the spread of infection.


Palestinians, Settlers Clash In Tense Jerusalem Neighborhood

JERUSALEM — Palestinians and Jewish settlers hurled stones, chairs and fireworks at each other overnight in a tense Jerusalem neighborhood where settler groups are trying to evict several Palestinian families, officials said Tuesday.

The threatened evictions fueled protests and clashes in the runup to last month's 11-day Gaza war and pose a test for Israel's new governing coalition, which includes three pro-settler parties but is hoping to sideline the Palestinian issue to avoid internal divisions.

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Los Angeles County Wants You To Stop Feeding The Feral Peacocks

Peacocks: beautiful, majestic, noisy.

And they're all over some Southern California neighborhoods, where feral peacocks have been a presence for decades.

But some residents have complained about property damage and sleepless nights from an increase in their numbers in the last few years. The animals are said to have piercing screams.

Now Los Angeles County officials are saying: stop feeding them.