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Defense Official: Scores Of Current And Former Military Probed In Extremism Cases

The FBI continues to investigate last week's mob attack on the Capitol and make arrests that include current and former military service members. Now NPR has learned the domestic extremism problem within the ranks may be more serious than officials realized.

A senior defense official who was not authorized to speak publicly tells NPR that there were 143 notifications of investigations by the FBI last year of former and current military members.


NRA Files For Bankruptcy Amid Fraud Suit In New York

The National Rifle Association filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in Texas on Friday as its current home, New York, pursues a fraud case against the organization.

The NRA was founded in New York in 1871 and has since presented itself as a defender of Second Amendment rights. The NRA attributes the move to Texas to a "corrupt political and regulatory environment" in New York.

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Parler Executive Responds To Amazon Cutoff And Defends Approach To Moderation

Parler calls itself a "conservative microblogging alternative" to Twitter and "the world's premier free speech platform."

But it's been offline for five days, and possibly forever, after Amazon kicked Parler off of its Web hosting service.

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HHS Civil Rights Office Tackles Health Care Discrimination Of People With Disabilities

Civil rights officials at the Department of Health and Human Services issued a series of actions to protect people with disabilities from health care discrimination by medical providers during the pandemic.

The actions, by the Office of Civil Rights, or OCR, at the Department of Health and Human Services, specifically address discrimination related to the denial of treatment for people with disabilities who have COVID-19 or the symptoms of COVID-19. They include:

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Argentina Takes A Shot With Russia's Sputnik Vaccine

As nations around the world scramble to start vaccinating against COVID-19, many countries are finding it difficult if not impossible to get the vaccines they want.

Case in point — Argentina. President Alberto Fernández promised to start vaccination campaigns in the South American nation before the end of 2020.

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VIDEO: Face It! You're Bad At Judging Physical Distance. Here's How To Do It

Lately I picture myself lying on the ground a lot.

That's the strategy I use to make sure I practice physical distancing — one of the key ways to prevent coronavirus transmission along with masking up and hand washing.

And when I want to gauge whether I'm 6 feet away from somebody else, I imagine myself lying on the ground. Then I add – um — a couple of inches.

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Coronavirus FAQ: Do Airplane Passengers Not Know There's A Pandemic Going On?

Each week, we answer "frequently asked questions" about life during the coronavirus crisis. If you have a question you'd like us to consider for a future post, email us at with the subject line: "Weekly Coronavirus Questions."

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'All Hands On Deck': National Mall Is Closed As Agencies Fortify D.C.

Updated at 5:12 p.m. ET

The National Mall, where millions of people have gathered to mark historic events in Washington, D.C., was closed to the public late Friday morning, as officials announced a string of security measures meant to foil any attempts to derail next week's inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden.

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Biden Administration Will Rename 'Operation Warp Speed,' Citing Trump 'Failures'

The White House push to vaccinate against the coronavirus will have a new name and new leadership under the Biden administration.

The "Operation Warp Speed" name will be retired, incoming White House press secretary Jen Psaki tweeted on Friday. She said there was an "urgent need to address the failures of the Trump team approach to vaccine distribution." Psaki did not say what the new name will be.

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As Pompeo Dumps Rulebook For U.S.-Taiwan Relations, Some See 'Trap' For Biden

The U.S. ambassador to the Netherlands sent a jubilant tweet on Monday, claiming to have "made some history today." He had welcomed Taiwan's de facto ambassador into the U.S. Embassy for a meeting.