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Officials Say Illegal Pesticide Caused Deaths Of 13 Bald Eagles In Maryland

Robert Edgell has grown accustomed to seeing bald eagles soar over the family farm in Federalsburg, Md., so, when he discovered the carcasses of more than a dozen dead raptors on the property two years ago, he "was dumbfounded," he told The Washington Post.

"Usually you see one or two soaring over the place, but to see 13 in that area and all deceased. ... In all my years, I'd not seen anything like this," Edgell said.

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Protests Erupt In Spain As Men Held In 'Wolf Pack' Sex Assault Get Bail

The so-called wolf pack is out, and their release has once again unleashed furor throughout Spain.

Protesters are marching through the streets of Pamplona, Madrid and Seville, among other cities on Friday, demonstrating a Spanish court's decision to grant bail to five men who were convicted of sexually abusing a young woman during the 2016 Running of the Bulls festivities, El Pais reported.

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Friday, June 22, 2018

The post Friends Restore Mahoning River appeared first on Business Journal Daily.

Friday, June 22, 2018

In Ohio, as in many states, different people can own different interests in the same piece of real estate. One owner could exclusively own all the timber rights, while another could own all of the coal rights, with yet another owning the rights to the property’s surface. This division of ownership interests poses unique challenges […] The post Unexpected Profits From Mineral Act appeared first on Business Journal Daily.