Lincoln Avenue

Lincoln Avenue aired on WYSU for almost 10 years. During that time, host Dr. Sherry Linkon discussed new ideas and developments in the local community, on campus, and across the world. The program invited community and academic leaders, innovators, and critics to explain their work and why it matters.

Lincoln Avenue aired for the last time in December of 2012. Below is a program archive of every digital show WYSU has available. No new episodes are being produced.

Marilynn Geewax

Published: Feb 11, 2009
Sherry talks with Marilynn Geewax, Senior Business Editor for National Public Radio.

Robert Hagen

Published: Feb 4, 2009
Sherry talks with Robert Hagen about Governor Ted Strickland's State of the State Address.

Rob Johnson and Louis Macklin

Published: Feb 3, 2009
Sherry talks with Reverend Rob Johnson and Reverend Louis Macklin about race issues in the Mahoning Valley.

Larry Ringler

Published: Jan 21, 2009
Sherry talks with the Business Editor of the Warren Tribune Chronicle, Larry Ringler, about the state of the local economy.

Chris Bache

Published: Jan 14, 2009
Sherry talks with Chris Bache, author of the book "The Living Classroom".

Toni Van Pelt

Published: Dec 17, 2008
Sherry Linkon talks with Toni Van Pelt.

Minnijean Brown Trickey

Published: Dec 11, 2008
Sherry talks with Minnijean Brown Trickey, one of nine black teenagers who walked through angry crowds to enter all-white Little Rock Central High School in 1957.

Mike Morley

Published: Nov 14, 2008
Sherry Linkon talks with Mike Morley, a member of the Mahoning County Board of Elections about politics in our area.

Steve Greenhouse

Published: Nov 5, 2008
Guest host Alyssa Lenhoff talks with New York Times Labor Reporter Steve Greenhouse.

Alvaro Ramirez

Published: Oct 29, 2008
Sherry talks with Alvaro Ramirez.