Lincoln Avenue

Lincoln Avenue aired on WYSU for almost 10 years. During that time, host Dr. Sherry Linkon discussed new ideas and developments in the local community, on campus, and across the world. The program invited community and academic leaders, innovators, and critics to explain their work and why it matters.

Lincoln Avenue aired for the last time in December of 2012. Below is a program archive of every digital show WYSU has available. No new episodes are being produced.

Joel Ratner

Published: Feb 6, 2008
Sherry talks with the Wean Foundation's still-fairly-new President, Joel Ratner, about the Foundation's new directions, including a series of programs aimed at helping area non-profits work better and work together.

Terry Easton

Published: Nov 21, 2007
Sherry talks with Dr. Terry Easton about his research on day laborers.

Jamel Tito Brown

Published: Nov 14, 2007
Sherry talks with Jamel Tito Brown, newly elected city councilman for Youngstown's 3rd ward.

Brooke Slanina

Published: Nov 7, 2007
Sherry talks with Brooke Slanina from the Oakland Theater about the role of the arts in Youngstown's Revitalization.

Wendy Webb

Published: Oct 31, 2007
Sherry talks with Dr. Wendy Webb, superintendent of the Youngstown City Schools.

John Haught

Published: Oct 24, 2007
Sherry talks with Dr. John Haught, author of the book, "God After Darwin".

Anne McMahon

Published: Oct 17, 2007
Sherry talks with Anne McMahon about YSU's Diversity Works program.

Tim Ryan

Published: Oct 10, 2007
Sherry talks with Congressman Tim Ryan about the future of the Mahoning Valley.

Chris Mather

Published: Oct 3, 2007
Sherry talks with Chris Mather, Director of Tech Lift, a company that helps to build technology businesses in the region.

Hunter Morrison

Published: Sep 26, 2007
Sherry talks with Hunter Morrison about the progress of Youngstown's revitalization.