Lincoln Avenue

Lincoln Avenue aired on WYSU for almost 10 years. During that time, host Dr. Sherry Linkon discussed new ideas and developments in the local community, on campus, and across the world. The program invited community and academic leaders, innovators, and critics to explain their work and why it matters.

Lincoln Avenue aired for the last time in December of 2012. Below is a program archive of every digital show WYSU has available. No new episodes are being produced.

Tim Sokol

Published: Sep 19, 2007
Sherry talks with Tim Sokol who is restoring a neighborhood in Campbell that was built as worker housing in 1918 by Youngstown Sheet and Tube.

Brian Corbin

Published: Sep 12, 2007
Sherry talks with Brian Corbin about the Ecumenical Council and the closing of the steel mills.

Chris Barzak

Published: Sep 5, 2007
Sherry talks with local author Chris Barzak about his new novel, "One for Sorrow."

STEM School

Published: Aug 22, 2007
Sherry Linkon talks with Dr. Martin Abraham, Founding Dean of YSU's new STEM School.