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  • Pac-12 Reversal: Football To Start In November

    The Pac-12 has changed its mind about playing football, voting unanimously to start the 2020 season on Nov. 6. The reversal by the Pac-12's CEO group on Thursday comes about a month after the conference decided to halt all sports until Jan. 1 at the earliest in response to the...
  • 'It's Still Breonna Taylor For Me': Taylor Family Plans Friday Press Conference

    Outraged and angry and, at times, wailing protesters renewed their cries for justice for Breonna Taylor on Wednesday, following the Kentucky grand jury's decision to not charge the police officers for killing her. Meanwhile, the Taylor family have been much more restrained with...

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Mahoning Matters

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  • Angie Schmitt

    Tim Francisco talks with author Angie Schmitt.
  • Stacia Erdos

    Gina talks with Stacia Erdos about the United Way.
  • Paul Sracic

    Tim Francisco talks with Paul Sracic about the state of US-Asia relations.
  • Mark Sweetwood

    Tim Francisco talks with Mark Sweetwood of Mahoning Matters.
  • Invest in the Common Good.

    My oldest grandson has started Kindergarten.
  • Connie Schultz

    Tim Francisco talks with Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and author Connie Schultz.