Doing Good

Doing Good is designed to raise social consciousness and public awareness about salient concerns in our community, as well as highlight good work and honest efforts being directed at these issues. This program encourages listeners to become engaged and involved in projects and activities featured on the show.

Doing Good is hosted by Gina Marinelli, a development officer for Humility of Mary Health Partners Foundation and a former local news program anchor. Episodes air Tuesday at 6:45am and 8:45am.

Lisa Long

Published: May 10, 2022
Gina talks with Lisa Long of the Youngstown Area Jewish Federation about a humanitarian trip to Ukraine.

Bonnie Burdman

Published: Apr 26, 2022
Gina talks with Bonnie Burdman about Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Natalie Lariccia

Published: Apr 19, 2022
Gina talks with money manager Natalie Lariccia about financial tips for all stages of life.

Guy Burney

Published: Apr 12, 2022
Gina talks with Guy Burney, Executive Director of The Community Initiative to Reduce Violence.
Download: Audio icon Guy Burney.mp3

Tina Costarella

Published: Apr 5, 2022
Gina talks with Tina Costarella of the YSU Pre-Vet Society about a free vet wellness clinic.

William Shivers

Published: Mar 29, 2022
Gina talks with William Shivers of Huntington Bank about eguity initiatives.

Kim Aikens

Published: Mar 22, 2022
Gina talks with Kim Aikens, Executive Director of the Mahoning Valley Players.
Download: Audio icon Kim Aikens.mp3

Dan Kuzma

Published: Mar 8, 2022
Gina talks with Dan Kuzma, YSU Recycling Manager.
Download: Audio icon Dan Kuzma.mp3

Ian Beniston

Published: Mar 1, 2022
Gina talks with Ian Beniston, Executive Director of YNDC.

Brittany Bailey

Published: Feb 22, 2022
Gina talks with Brittany Bailey, student worker at the office of D.E.I. and YSU.


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