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C3 - Cliffe Creative Connections

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C3 = Cliffe Creative Connections - A Place To See "Virtually" Any Kind of Art

YSU's Cliffe College has launched 'C3 - Cliffe Creative Connections', a new virtual arts series featuring a variety of performances and presentations by YSU students and faculty. Cliffe's C3 videos can be found on-line by searching 'Cliffe Creative Connections' at YouTube.com.

The McDonough Museum of Art, Cliffe College’s center for contemporary art, presents #MuseumChallenge

The McDonough Museum of Art presents #MuseumChallenge! Everyone is invited to recreate a work of art using regular, everyday, household items. Participants should send an image of the original artwork, plus their re-creation to McDonoughMuseumofArt@ysu.edu, or post the images on their social media pages, and tag the McDonough. More information is available on the McDonough website, and on their Facebook page.

Click on the image at the bottom of this article to see a slideshow for an example of the #MuseumChallenge: Arrangement in Grey and Black No. 1 (aka Whistler's Mother) by James McNeil Whistler, recreation by McDonough Museum Coordinator, Claudia Berlinski with help from her husband, Jon Hill. Mobile users may have to rotate their device to interact with the slideshow.

Interactive Slideshow: 
#MuseumChallenge Original Art
#MuseumChallenge Original Art