WYSU is Going on an Alaskan Cruise!

Alaskan cruise ship.

WYSU's next station-sponsored tour takes us to the Pacific Northwest and Alaska, and if you know anything about our tour groups, you'll want to be with us!

Departing July 15th, 2015, we’ll spend several days exploring Seattle before embarking on a 7-day cruise aboard the Royal Caribbean Celestial Solstice to explore the Alaskan panhandle.

As hundreds of past travelers can tell you, there is simply no better way to see the world than with the WYSU tour group. Everything is managed by the travel experts at Go Ahead Tours of Boston, and this package is almost entirely inclusive, offering round trip airfare, most of your meals, and a full time tour guide.

We'll be happy to send you complete information either by regular mail or e-mail. Just call and leave your contact info with us at 330-941-3363, or send an email to Barbara Krauss. But please don’t wait. Available spaces are disappearing fast!