The Canton Symphony Orchestra announces a new podcast: 'Orchestrating Change'

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"Orchestrating Change": A New Canton Symphony Orchestra Podcast

Canton Symphony Orchestra knows the need for change within the orchestral community. The tradition of classical music has ignored many communities that have contributed to the development of the repertoire played in the concert hall. With “Orchestrating Change”, the Canton Symphony Orchestra hopes to facilitate conversations that will make the concert hall a more welcoming place for previously ignored communities in our region and beyond as well as create more acceptance and diversity on the stage.

Co-hosted by Canton Symphony Orchestra Education Manager Rachel Hagemeier and Associate Conductor Matthew Jenkins Jaroszewicz, "Orchestrating Change" will be a platform for open discussion about diversity and inclusion in the orchestral community. Guests will include Black, Latinx, Asian, female, and LGBTQAI+ musicians, composers and administrators. Perspective into the experiences of these individuals will prove valuable to how the organization can be improved in the future.

In addition to orchestrating change internally among ourselves and other orchestras, educating audiences to issues surrounding diversity and inclusion will be a priority. Music by Black, Latinx, female, Asian, and LGBTQAI+ musicians and composers has been noticeably absent in the programming produced by established institutions in comparison to those who are white and male. Canton Symphony Orchestra hopes to be a more welcoming community that is reflective of the demographics in Canton, Ohio and the surrounding major metropolitan areas.

The first episode of "Orchestrating Change" was released on January 8th. Information about the first episode is available HERE. Patrons who wish to sign-up for email reminders may do so at The Canton Symphony Orchestra website. More information will also be released in our weekly newsletter and social media accounts.