Ashtabula Transmission Off Air

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Updated 2018-04-18

WYSU's Ashtabula radio service on 88.1 FM is currently off-the-air due to repairs on our transmission system.

At approximately 9pm on April 5, the sprinkler system in our Ashtabula transmission room activated for nearly 20 minutes before the building maintenance team disabled it. Unsurprisingly, this caused many problems with our broadcast equipment and resulted in a total loss of transmission. Further investigation has not revealed any evidence of fire, smoke, or increased temperature in the room, strongly suggesting that the sprinkler system malfunctioned. Repairs to the building and sprinkler system have been completed.

WYSU engineers have assessed damage to equipment. Replacements and repairs have been ordered. A temporary transmitter has been installed while the primary transmitter is being repaired. A replacement studio transmitter link (STL) to Ashtabula has also been installed but we are still experiencing problems with Internet audio delivery; we expect to resolve these problems on Thursday April 19, after which a low-powered signal should be on-the-air. We will return to full power once the primary transmitter has been repaired and installed.

As always, we thank you for your continued patience and support while we work to resolve this problem.