April is Support WYSU Month!

Support WYSU Month

WYSU is holding a month-long donor and membership awareness campaign throughout April, 2021.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, and to keep our volunteers, students, and staff safe, WYSU will not be conducting a traditional membership drive this spring. Instead, we will be asking for listener support throughout the month of April, encouraging your online contribution HERE. There will be absolutely no interruptions to our programming, only reminders during regularly scheduled breaks about the importance of listener support for non-commercial, public radio.

Our goal is to hear from 1,000 donors by the end of April

WYSU has provided 51-plus years of public radio for northeast Ohio and western Pennsylvania, and 51-plus years of high quality news and information, and music programming. April is Support WYSU MonthYOU can help ensure local public radio continues for another 51-plus years. We can only continue to do this if you are with us - Just 1 in 18 WYSU listeners are members. Help us to continue to excel by supporting Radio You Need to Know.

New Thank You Gift this Spring! The new WYSU facemask (see image below) is again available as a thank you gift this spring. Donors can receive one mask for their gift of $60 or more, or a set of two masks for a gift of $120 or more. More information about the WYSU facemask, as well as information about all our other spring thank you gifts is available HERE

This April, support WYSU. We are Radio You Need to Know!


Interactive Slideshow: 
WYSU facemask thank you gift
WYSU facemask thank you gift