50th Anniversary Celebration and Guest Log

WYSU-FM 50th Anniversary Celebration
WYSU-FM 50th Anniversary Celebration Cake

Thanks to the more than 250 listeners and friends who joined us for our 50th Anniversary Celebration at Mill Creek MetroParks' Davis Center on 20 October 2019! 

It was great seeing and chatting with you all! We appreciate the support. You can view a photo album of the event HEREThanks also to everyone who signed our guest log:

WYSU 50th Anniversary Celebration Guest Log

Susan Kopetsky

Noreen Moderalli

Janet Kandrac

Marie Lew “Thanks to everyone for keeping this life-line alive!”

Charlie & Renèe Bero “Congrats on 50 years!”

Beth Foster “I listened to my husband on your first broadcast!”

Joe Martin

Ken Miller

Fred Alexander

Mari and Monica Skurich, in honor of Stephen Grecevich

Norma Raupple “Remembering beautiful autumns, thanks for celebrating with music.”

Becky Sheeler “Thanks for everything!”

Susan Sexton ❤

Tom & Sue Miranda

Bill & Maureen Binning

Mark, Nancy, Jacob & Meredith Pallo

Valerie Kuehn & Tom Engstrom “Cheers to 50 more years of great music!”

Dan & Dotti Miller “Congratulations - Thanks for the great music!”

Jacob Harver

Julius T. Oliver

Yvonne Fayard

Rosemary Fuller

John Cisine & Karen Barr

Tricia Perry “WYSU! Happy 50th! It was great to be working alongside all of you for 5 of those years!”

Sue Perry “Wonderful years of good radio”

Tina Reiter; Zoe Reiter, HM; Marge Haidet, HM “Listening 49 (almost 50) years, thank you!”

Mike & Marilyn Kraynanski

David & Judy Waldman “Lovely event! We are so appreciative of your station!”

Tom Shipka

Cor & Joyce Kester “Congratulations”

Ana Torres & Rick Hamilton “Happy 50th!”

Rick Shale “Bravo!”

Jim Ray “Hooray! For all of you at WYSU”

Lorraine Mikota 🙂

Barbara Brothers “Congratulations!”

Harold Chevden

Marcelene Mayhall “Keep up the good work. I like your words about music and the interesting events you bring to the campus. Congratulations.”

Carrie and Jason Zapka “Congratulations! Thank you for being our #1 source of fair, honest, and practical news!”

Dorothy Palguta-Tesner

John E. Ball

James B Hagan Jr

Carol Sacherman

Louise A. Hayes, M.D.

Jerome S. Hayes

Bruce & Carol Sherman “Congrats on a great 50 years!”

Vince Fabrizi

Lauren McFarland

Anna Fabrizi

Cathy Gagliardi “Congratulations!!”

Carol Crawford

Samie Winick “Mazel Tov on you 50th!”

John & Laura Manhollan “Been with you since day 1!”

Catherine Cala “Keep it going for another 50!”

Heather Lorimer “Loving WYSU for almost 24 years. Keep it up.”

Gina Marinelli “Congrats on 50 years!”

James & Peggy Callen

Dan & Sara Scudier

Ray & Eileen Novotny

Ed Palguta & Mary Lou Eichner Palguta

Mo Ray

Garland & Ruth Bradshaw

Erik Dahlman

Bernadette Lim

Chris Hartman

Yvonne & J. Martyn Lipinski “Congrats on 50! Here’s to 50 more!”

Janis L. DePasqua

Martin & Louisa Berger

Melissa T. Smith “One of the reasons I came to Youngstown from Boston was because Youngstown had an NPR station.”

Jim Zupanic

Gloria Veri & Marilyn Montgomery “nice celebration”

Regina L. Calloway “Congrats on your 50th anniversary! Keep it going!”

Eva & Denise “We love your music!”