City Club of the Mahoning Valley

Archived recordings of the City Club of the Mahoning Valley events.


Mar 19, 2018
Stalemate: DACA, Dreamers, and the Future of Immigration Reform. Panelists include Dr. Donna M. DeBlasio, YSU Professor of History, Mark Munroe, Chairman of The Mahoning County Republican Party, & Attorney Richard Drucker, of Margaret Wong & Associate
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Tax Reform

Feb 19, 2018
Consequences of the Tax Reform Bill: Who Benefits? Who Doesn’t? Participants include Wendy Patton, Senior Project Director for the State Fiscal Project for Policy Matters Ohio, and Greg R. Lawson, Research Feellow, Buckeye Institute.
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Marching for a Movement

Jan 22, 2018
Reflections on the 2017 Women’s March and Next Steps for Equality

Religion,Violence, and Nationalism

Dec 11, 2017
Myanmar, Ethnic Cleansing and Human Rights, a one-on-one discussion with religious terrorism expert Dr. Michael Jerryson.
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Immigration Policy Under Trump

Nov 20, 2017
The City Club of the Mahoning Valley's Views and Brews program is a panel discussion on Immigration Policy Under President Trump. Panelists include Koula Glaros-King, Jeff Stewart, and ML Schultze.
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Understanding Different Economic Realities - NYC vs. The Valley

Nov 6, 2017
The Views and Brews panel discusses the economy.

Climate Change

Oct 16, 2017
The Views and Brews panel discusses climate change.
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Terror: What's the real Threat?

Sep 22, 2017
The Views and Brews panel discusses white nationalism, xenophobia, and the politics of division.
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Pubic Education

Mar 6, 2017
The panel discusses the future of public education in Ohio cities.
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Election Results: 2016

Nov 14, 2016
Panelists Doug Livingston, Marilyn Geewax, David Skolnick, Karen Kaslet, and Paul Sracic discuss presidential election results.
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