Corporate Underwriting

WYSU coverage map.Build your brand. Build your business.

We've been an underwriter for over 18 years. This is not purely advertising, this is supporting what we believe to be a worthwhile community resource.

– Paul Dutton, Partner, Harrington, Hoppe & Mitchell, LTD

Why not become an underwriting partner with 88.5 FM WYSU?

Underwriting is the tax-deductible financial support of public radio by businesses, associations, and nonprofit organizations. This financial support is acknowledged on the air with announcements (or "credits"), which are customized to the specific business or organization.

The 88.5 FM WYSU-listening community has the potential to be a great target audience for the overall public information and marketing plans of any business or organization. Our listeners are trendsetters, decision makers, choice consumers, savvy business leaders, and influential individuals who are active in their communities. Consider the facts:

  • 88% of our listeners are age 35 or older.
  • 75% of our listeners own their homes.
  • 70% of our listeners have a household income of $50K or more.
  • 44% of our listeners hold professional or managerial positions.
  • 66% of our listeners regularly dine in fine restaurants.
  • 29% of our listeners regularly attend live theatre.
  • 82% of our listeners use online services.

Drive WYSU’s loyal audience of 50,000 weekly listeners to events, showcase a new product, brand your business, or build credibility in the community. We are confident that you will value the return on your investment by underwriting with 88.5 FM WYSU.

For more facts and information download our underwriting one-page, download our underwriting information packet, signal coverage map (If you have a disability, request an accessible document version for these PDFs), and view our list of current underwriters.

Contact our Development Department at 330-941-3363 or to make 88.5 FM WYSU an integral part of your marketing plan today.