Tressel Gets an Early Start as YSU President

YSU Honors Rigelhaupt Pre-Law Scholarships Winners

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio -- Recipients of the 2014-15 Judge Sidney Rigelhaupt and Attorney Bert Rigelhaupt Pre-Law Scholarship were honored at a Thursdayin Williamson Hall on the campus of Youngstown State University.

High School Students Learn Basics of 3-D Printing

New YSU Launch Lab Draws White House Notice

Decisiveness Is Key in Tressel’s Return to YSU

Freedom School Focuses on Literacy, Civil Rights

YSU Open House Wednesday for 'Day of Making'

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio -- The Youngstown State University College of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics will celebrate National Day of Making Wednesday.

KSU Officers Lean Training Boot Camp for Local Governments

KENT, Ohio -- The Center for Corporate and Professional Development at Kent State University now provides Lean training and consulting for municipal and county governments, the university announced Thursday.

Lewis School to Open for Gifted Students

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio -- With another school year in the books, Sara Reichard can devote more time to her newest project – The Lewis School, an extension of Youngstown Christian School aimed at gifted students.

Manufacturers Needed to Host Teachers for Workplace Program

SHARON, Pa. -- Manufacturers willing to host a teacher for 32 hours to share the importance of soft skills are needed for the Educator in the Manufacturing Workplace program, the Oh-Penn Interstate Region says.


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