Mancini to Headline Community Connections Event

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – Former boxing champ Ray “Boom Boom” Mancini will be the featured speaker at the 2016-2017 Youngstown Community Connectors program kickoff Sept. 22. Students in the program learn basic jobs skills such as resume writing, interviewing techniques, time management, team collaboration and appropriate dress for the workplace. At the event, which will be […]

Thiel Prepares Liberal Arts Students for Real World

GREENVILLE, Pa. — There is a common misconception about what a liberal arts college is. Many have misinterpreted it to mean a university or college dedicated solely to the promotion and advancement of degrees in subjects such as literature, English, history, philosophy and other disciplines in the humanities. Not quite. Indeed, at Thiel College in […]

Interactive Web Features Help, Hurt User’s Memory

By Matt Swayne UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — Cool interactive web tools and neat features can boost a user’s memory but they may also cause other content on the site to be less memorable, according to researchers. “Interactivity can enhance your cognitive capacity for information that is presented in an interactive fashion, but that enhancement of […]

Williamson to Host Meet the Employers Day Sept. 21

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio — The Williamson College of Business Administration at Youngstown State University will hold its semi-annual Meet the Employers Day from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Sept. 21 in the atrium of Williamson Hall. The event enables business students to interact with employers one-on-one and discuss their organizations and provides employers the opportunity to […]

They Remember ‘Dike’ Beede

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio — Dwight “Dike” Beede, who started the football program at Youngstown College in 1937, saw the game as a means to an end – developing greater strength of character – not an end in itself, Angelo Pezzuolo remembers. “Coach Beede was a success, the example he set, the real difference he made in […]

All-Americans Signal Improving Penguins Team

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio — Every season has its moments that seem to play out over and over and over again. For the 2015 Youngstown State University Penguins, it might have been defensive end Derek Rivers blowing past a lineman and putting his shoulders squarely into a quarterback’s chest for a sack. Or maybe it was kicker […]

Thanks to Licensing, Stambaugh Turns Red

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio — Look into the stands at Stambaugh Stadium on Saturday afternoons during autumn and you’ll see a sea of red. Oh, you’ll spot a few flecks of white and black – more colors when it rains and fans break out their jackets and ponchos – but it’s mostly red. “For the longest time, […]

YSU Penguins Looking to Buck Past Trends

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio — The Penguins have been here before. The overpowering defense, the middling offense, the powerhouse conference slate, the season following up a late season slide – none of it is new to the Youngstown State University football team. And in the second year of the Bo Pelini regime, all efforts through training camp […]

Avdey, Gasior to be Honored at Williamson Banquet

YOUNSGTOWN, Ohio – Walter Avdey, James Gasior, Sonia Salvino, Robert Bole and Nayef Zarrour will be recognized Oct. 28 for their achievements as graduates of the Williamson College of Business Administration at Youngstown State University. The five will be honored during the 21st such banquet in Williamson Hall, which houses the college. The WCBA Alumni […]

Thiel Welcomes Largest Incoming Class in 5 Years

GREENVILLE, Pa. – Classes begin today at Thiel College, which is welcoming its largest incoming class in five years. This year’s group includes 340 first-year, transfer and international students who participated in orientation events last week. This group of first-year students is coming to campus in the midst of a milestone year as Thiel College […]


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