Company News

VLTs Arrive for Installation at Hollywood Gaming

General Motors Co. to Pay Millions in Compensation

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- General Motors Co. is likely to pay millions of dollars to compensate family members of those killed in car accidents caused by faulty ignition switches in some of its vehicles, according to plan announced this morning.

Grove City Grads Put Robots in the Pipelines

Technology Changes How YCAR Delivers Services

Ashta Plans $60M Upgrade; Velocys Buys Pinto Energy

Ryan, Brown Write PUCO in Favor of Warren Steel

Gem-Young Takes on Wealth Advisory, Risk Management Roles

Tod Cemetery Building a $700K Columbarium Garden

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio -- Tod Homestead Cemetery is constructing a new columbarium memorial garden, a $700,000 investment to accommodate the growing practice of cremation. 

CCA Solicits More Support to Keep Its Prison Here

Tax Credit Boosts New Castle School Project


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