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Near Crash Site, Stories Of The Jet Cleave Closely To Russian Version

A view of the Tonawanda Coke plant in Tonawanda, N.Y., which was found to have emitted carcinogens at levels many times higher than the state's limit.

University Would Study Health Issues In Polluted New York Town

Residents of an upstate New York town who've long associated their illnesses with the air they breathe may finally get some answers about the health effects of living next to a toxic polluter.

The town of Tonawanda lies in the shadow of Tonawanda Coke Corp., whose ovens heat coal into material used for the iron and steel industries, and release toxic chemicals into the air.

A tree planted in Los Angeles to honor former Beatle George Harrison grew to more than 12 feet tall before succumbing to a bark beetle infestation

Tree Planted To Honor Beatle Is Killed By Beetles

Flowers may grow so incredibly high, as the Beatles once sang, but trees — not so much.

Actually, a pine tree planted in Los Angeles a decade ago to honor former Beatle George Harrison reached a height of 12 feet before succumbing recently.

To an infestation. Of beetles.

"No one I think is in my tree" — a line from the song "Strawberry Fields Forever" — wouldn't seem to apply.

Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen testifies before the Senate Banking Committee on July 15. She said the Fed is likely to keep interest rates low "for a considerable period" since inflation remains so tame.

Inflation Came In Low Again, But Are There Bubbles?

Want to borrow money for a car or a home this fall?

Oddly enough, the interest rates available months from now for big-ticket items may be determined by the prices you pay today for everyday consumer goods. When store prices are rising rapidly, policymakers start pushing interest rates higher, too.

But for the moment, at least, inflation appears mild enough to keep interest rates low for a long while.

Obamacare's Split Decisions Spell Law's Possible Return To Supreme Court

Obama's Health Care Law Has A Confusing Day In Court

In Cairo, First Steps Taken On Gnarled Path To Gaza Cease-Fire

As Rockets Encroach, Israel's Main Airport Sees Canceled U.S. Flights

Newark Police Placed Under Federal Microscope For Rampant Misconduct

Putting charter school research under a microscope.

Charters, Money, And Test Scores

The University of Arkansas today released what it calls a "first ever" study exploring the relationship between charter school funding and student achievement.Here at NPR Ed we get a lot of press releases for studies related to education--on everything from...