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In Hostage Negotiation, Qatar Plays Middleman To Prove Its Worth

The small, gas-rich Arabian Gulf nation of Qatar played a key role in freeing U.S. hostage Peter Theo Curtis after nearly two years in Syria. For context on the release, Robert Siegel speaks with Shadi Hamid, the director of research at Brookings, Doha Center.

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Lyft driver Danielle Kerley showcases the company's iconic mustache, which is displayed on cars used in the service.

Some Call For More Sharing In Ridesharing

Taxicabs are fighting tooth and nail against Uber, the company that enables car owners to drive part time or full time for pay, like cabbies.

But behind this battle, there's another one brewing inside the world of ridesharing. Uber and its competitors in San Francisco are sparring over cash, over drivers, and over some basic values, too.

But a researcher says branding the startups Uber and Lyft as ridesharing services isn't quite accurate. Now, an emerging set of services promises to be more about sharing.

Chauffeur Vs. Your Friend With A Car

President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf apologizes to Eva Kamara, the mother of a boy who was shot by Liberian security forces last week and later died.

Liberia's President Apologizes To The Mother Of A Slain Teenager

She came to say how sorry she was.

Today, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, president of Liberia, visited the poor neighborhood of West Point, now under quarantine after suspected Ebola patients fled a treatment center a week ago Saturday. On Wednesday, during protests over the quarantine, 15-year-old Shakie Kamara was shot in the legs by security forces. He died the next day of blood loss and hypothermic shock.

More Than 2,000 Mourners Gather To Lay Michael Brown To Rest

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Director Richard Attenborough won two Academy Awards for his movie, <em>Gandhi</em>.

Director Richard Attenborough Brought Big Ideas To Life On Screen

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In Latest Calif. Earthquake, Shake Alert Tests Its Legs

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A New Strain Of Ebola Emerges In Democratic Republic Of Congo

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Mexico Swears In A New Police Force, But Many Aren't Impressed

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Wine Country Quake Leaves Behind Bottles In Shards

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To Make A Move North, Burger King Eyes Buying A Canadian Icon

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