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Verizon, Labor Unions Conclude Strike With Tentative 4-Year Contract Deal

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Obama Makes Historic Visit To Hiroshima

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'The Witness' Tells A Different Story About The Kitty Genovese Murder

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At Century Mark, Indy 500 Sells Out For First Time In Decades

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Focus On Libertarian Election Amid Voter Discontent Over Clinton-Trump Race

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The Balkans: An Often Overlooked Hotbed For ISIS Recruitment

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Elderly women dance in a zumba dance during the global climate change awareness campaign Earth Hour at a park in Manila in 2015.

#NPRreads: 4 Reads To Keep You Young This Weekend

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Kent Family Growers is located on a small parcel outside a college town in upstate New York. Farmers from California to North Carolina have complained of delays in the H-2A visa program for temporary agricultural jobs.

Farmers Wait, And Wait, For Guest Workers Amid H-2A Visa Delays

­­­­­­American farms should be in full swing right now. But some farmers are running behind, waiting on work visas for planters and pickers from out of the country. The H-2A visa program is delayed for the third year in a row.

It sounds like the setup to a bad joke: A professor and a doctor walk onto a farm.

Kathleen Terrence, a pediatrician, kneels in an onion field outside Lisbon, N.Y., with a bunch of kids. As they prepare to plant some 30,000 onions, they're all taking tips from Mark Sturges — but he's no farmer, either. He's a literary critic.

Could Thinking Positively About Aging Be The Secret Of Health?

The dictionary defines ageism as the "tendency to regard older persons as debilitated, unworthy of attention, or unsuitable for employment." But research indicates that ageism may not just be ill-informed or hurtful. It may also be a matter of life and death.

Not that it's literally killing people. Researcher Becca Levy, a professor of epidemiology and psychology at the Yale School of Public Health, says it depends on how much a given individual takes those negative ideas to heart.