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Otters play the keyboard at the National Zoo.

WATCH: Otters Play The Keyboard At National Zoo

It's not exactly a scholarship to Juilliard, but the National Zoo's animal enrichment program has given a family of Asian small-clawed otters a chance to make music.

The AIDS Healthcare Foundation displayed condoms during a 2013 news conference promoting a California bill to require condom use by adult film performers.

California Lawmakers Vote To Require Condom Use In Porn Films

The California Assembly passed a bill on Tuesday that would require condom use in pornographic films shot in the state.

It was Democratic state Rep. Isadore Hall's third attempt to pass such legislation. Los Angeles County voters approved a condom mandate for adult film performers in 2012, but a similar state requirement died last year.

Clint Muhlfeld, an aquatic ecologist with the USGS, holds a native Westslope cutthroat trout in Glacier National Park.

Hybrid Trout Threaten Montana's Native Cutthroats

Many parts of the U.S. have been getting warmer over the past several decades, and also experiencing persistent drought. Wildlife often can't adjust. Among the species that are struggling is one of the American West's most highly prized fish — the cutthroat trout.

In springtime, you can find young cutthroats in the tiny streams of Montana's Shields Basin. Bend over and look closely and you might see a 2-inch fish wriggling out from under a submerged rock — the spawn of native cutthroats.

Richard Martinez (center), whose son Christopher was killed in Friday's attack, is comforted by his brother Alan.

Rampage Victim's Father: Inaction Of 'Gutless' Politicians Killed His Son

After his son was killed during a deadly rampage in Santa Barbara, Calif., over the weekend, Richard Martinez made national news.

He made his way to the front of the cameras after a sheriff office press conference on Saturday, and delivered a stunning and emotional indictment of the National Rifle Association.

First lady Michelle Obama has been doing a lot of high-fiving with schoolchildren like these in Dallas to promote healthful lifestyles. Now she's diving more deeply into the politics of school lunch.

First Lady Fights To Keep Healthful School Lunch Law Intact

First lady Michelle Obama is by far one of the most popular political figures in America, because she's largely avoided appearing too political — instead devoting much of her attention to encouraging good nutrition and healthful lifestyles for America's children.

But that cause has run head-on into a congressional fight over stalling some of the nutritional gains of the school lunch program, which she helped put in place.

Egyptian Media Encourages Voters To Get To Polls — Or Else

A Remembrance Of UCSB Victims: 'This Shouldn't Happen To Any Family'

A Divided High Court Strikes Down IQ Rules In Fla. Death Penalty

As Poland Buries Its Last Communist Leader, An Old Debate Is Dredged

Obama Sets A Number For U.S. Troop Levels In Afghanistan

President Obama intends to keep a force of 9,800 American troops after the end of 2014. The troops will remain in the country in order to train Afghan forces and support counterterrorism operations. By the end of 2016, all U.S. troops would leave Afghanistan.

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