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Masses of refugees wait in line to receive food aid distributed in the Yarmouk camp on Jan. 31 in Damascus, Syria.

Syria On Track To Become World's Largest Source Of Refugees

A photo from Syria is grabbing the world's attention: a sea of people lining up for food amid the rubble of a Palestinian refugee camp inside Syria.

Sen. Tim Kaine of Virginia was so moved by the image, he took to the Senate floor, saying "a country of 23 million people, a proud country, is being transformed before our eyes to a land of rubble, skeletons, refugees and ghosts."

Several states distribute Naloxone hydrochloride, also called Narcan, to treat opium-based drug overdoses. But only one company manufactures the drug, and the price has spiked in recent years.

'Magic' Overdose Drug Works, But Demand And Price On The Rise

Calls to the fire department for suspected drug overdoses are increasingly common in Revere, Mass. The department responded to 16 overdose calls in a single six-day stretch in February.

People view the Northern Lights over Bamburgh Castle Beach Thursday in Northumberland, England. The Aurora Borealis were visible farther south than usual, due to a powerful solar flare.

Stunning And Amazing: Northern Lights Wow U.K.

The skies above the U.K. went crazy last night. Streaks of green and yellow layered themselves over the horizon, while swatches of red shimmered overhead. The intense Aurora Borealis was powered by the remnants of a strong solar flare that occurred earlier this week.

Britons who stayed up late last night were richly rewarded. The lights, which are normally only seen with real clarity in areas closer to the Earth's poles, were visible in even the southern U.K. Photos and reports of the Northern Lights came in from South Wales to Scotland, as well as Ireland.

The increasingly successful movement to eliminate GMO crops from food is turning out to be organic's false friend.

Why The 'Non-GMO' Label Is Organic's Frenemy

It's easy to think of "organic" and "non-GMO" as the best buddies of food. They sit comfortably beside each other in the same grocery stores — most prominently, in Whole Foods Market. Culturally, they also seem to occupy the same space. Both reject aspects of mainstream industrial agriculture.

In fact, the increasingly successful movement to eliminate genetically modified crops (GMOs) from food is turning out to be organic's false friend. The non-GMO label has become a cheaper alternative to organic.

Venezuela Protests Proof President Maduro Lacks Chavez Charisma

Should The NFL Police The N-Word?

Will President's Initiative Be A 'Game-Changer' For Young Men Of Color?

Before the deluge: Sandbags and barriers lined a road in Glendora, Calif., on Thursday. Authorities expect flooding as heavy rains spread across the area.

California's Getting Drenched, But Drought Is Far From Over

The heavy rains forecast for much of drought-stricken California have indeed descended on the state.

Here's Friday's headline from Southern California Public Radio: "LA Rain: 2nd Storm Hits Overnight With Heavy Rain, Flooded Freeways."

The Chinese media may not like him, but Gary Locke, the outgoing U.S. ambassador to China, was praised by ordinary Chinese.

Chinese Paper Calls Outgoing U.S. Envoy 'Yellow-Skinned, White-Hearted Banana Man'

Gary Locke may have won over ordinary Chinese with his conduct in the country, but not everyone was impressed with the first Chinese-American to serve as the U.S. envoy to China.

Intimacy in a marriage becomes even more important as we get older.

A Strong Sex Life Helps Couples Cope With The Trials Of Aging

Health problems can put a strain on a marriage at any age. But as we get older, chronic illnesses can make it even tougher to keep the spark alive.

Scientists at the University of Chicago have uncovered one way couples can offset the stresses of illness and aging: more physical intimacy.

Couples who continue to be sexually active over the years report higher levels of satisfaction in their marriages, the sociologists reported last month.