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An informal Girl Scout group at the Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan sings: "We want to learn and rise up to fulfill our dreams."

A Syrian Refugee Camp With Girl Scouts And A Safeway Store

On a sunny afternoon in the dusty, overcrowded Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan, a group of Syrian girls recites a familiar pledge and hope to change their future. The youngsters promise to serve God and country, to help people at all times and live by the laws of the Girl Scouts.

The troop was organized by Hanna Vazquez, a volunteer with Mercy Corps, a U.S.-based humanitarian group.

"We are going to do the Girl Scout music badge," she says, as the girls gather around.

General Takes Plea Deal In Sexual Assault Case

A Beer Backlash To LGBT Exclusion In St. Patrick's Parades

Hoping To Clear The Air In Paris, Officials Ration The Rue

With Sanctions, Obama Aims For Those Close To Putin

Kiev Mobilizes Thousands Of Troops, Preparing For Worst

Out Of Antarctica, A 'Grand Slam' That Leads Back To The Big Bang

Europe Pulls Punches With Limited Sanctions, Wary Of Backfire

Men install a Russian flag and a Crimean flag Monday on the roof of the city hall building in the Crimean city of  Bakhchysarai. Crimeans voted overwhelmingly on Sunday to join with Russia. Ukraine's government rejects the move as illegitimate.

Crimea: What's Next?

Crimea appears to be on the fast track for joining up with Russia after Sunday's referendum vote in favor of union with Moscow.

Ukraine and the West are adamantly opposed to the Russian annexation of Crimea, but what are they prepared to do about it? Here's a look at the major players and the choices they face in the Crimea crisis.

Ukraine: Ukraine insists that Crimea remains part of the country and is preparing its armed forces. Defense Minister Igor Tenyukh said the country's military forces were mobilized and ready to fight.

Long after the smoke is gone, carcinogenic chemicals remain.

Scientists Search For Toxins In Cigarette Smoke Residue

Everybody knows smoking is hazardous. Being around someone who smokes isn't such a good idea either. "There's no safe amount of secondhand smoke," the surgeon general has said.

Now thirdhand smoke is getting scrutiny. What's thirdhand smoke? It's the residue from smoke that settle onto clothes, hair, furniture or anything else in a smoker's vicinity.