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Scientists from the Nautilus exploration vessel found this bright purple orb near California's Channel Islands.

Sea Slug? Disco Ball? Beautiful Deep-Sea Purple Blob Puzzles Scientists

Researchers have found a curious purple orb near California's Channel Islands – and it's left them stumped.

To our untrained eye, it looks a little like a really dazzling Christmas ornament. Alternatively, Smithsonian compared it to an unhatched Pokemon.

Blood donations in the U.S. aren't routinely screened for the Zika virus.

Fearing Zika, FDA Asks 2 Florida Counties To Halt Blood Donations

There's been a looming fear that mosquitoes would start spreading the Zika virus in the U.S. Now that possibility seems increasingly real.

On Thursday, senior officials at the Food and Drug Administration said they have asked blood donation centers in two Florida counties, Miami-Dade and Broward, to stop collecting blood for the time being.

Ingmar Guandique is escorted from the Violent Crimes Unit by police in Washington, D.C., in 2009.

Prosecutors Move To Drop Murder Charges Against Man Accused Of Killing Chandra Levy

Prosecutors moved to drop murder charges against Ingmar Guandique, who was accused of killing 24-year-old Washington, D.C., intern Chandra Levy in 2001. The judge immediately approved and dismissed the case on Thursday.

The Levy case "made headlines across the nation because of the victim's romantic involvement when then-Rep. Gary Condit," as The Two-Way reported.

Transgender Student Files Suit Against School District, Alleging Discrimination

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How Is The Democratic Convention Playing In Deep-Blue Massachusetts?

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The Mystery Of The Fireball That Lit Up The Western Sky

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A cover for <em>Mad</em> magazine by artist Jack Davis.

Jack Davis, Cartoonist Who Helped Found 'Mad' Magazine, Dies

His art appeared in a range of places, from the Navy News and Tales from the Crypt to Time and TV Guide. Jack Davis, a founding member of Mad magazine, has died at 91. The influential cartoonist was one of the humorists known as the "Usual Gang of Idiots."

Davis' knack for dry caricature created iconic parodies for Mad, spoofing TV and films from High Noon to Raiders of the Lost Ark, Gone with the Wind, and M*A*S*H.

Iranian-Swedish Researcher Among Winners Of Top European Math Prize

Iranian-Swedish mathematician Sara Zahedi has won a prestigious European Mathematical Society Prize, the top honor for young European mathematicians awarded once every four years.

Zahedi is being recognized for her efforts to improve computer simulations of the behavior of fluids that don't mix together.

Scientists using a high-resolution X-ray technique found that this bone belonging to a hominin, an ancient, extinct relative of modern humans, has a malignant tumor.

Ancient Bone Shows Evidence Of Cancer In Human Ancestor

A bone from a human ancestor that died between 1.8 million and 1.6 million years ago shows evidence of cancer, a newly published study finds. It is the oldest known example of a malignant tumor in a human ancestor.

An antique mold holds the image of President Taft.

These Old-Timey Philly Candies Offer A Taste Of Politics Past

While many are calling this election a bitter contest, one Philadelphia business has found a sweet side to the electoral process — by reviving a patriotic tradition dating back centuries: clear toy candies.

Made of sugar, water and maybe a little coloring boiled to the correct temperature, then poured into elaborate molds, clear toy candies are a Pennsylvania tradition. With the Democratic convention in town this week, Philadelphia's renowned clear candy maker, Shane Confectionery, is putting out these sweet sculptures with a political theme.