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A skinned alpaca, which died due to subfreezing temperatures, hangs on a fence above live alpacas in Peru. Alpaca owners are butchering their dead animals to cook for their families. The Peruvian government has declared a state of emergency in the farming regions where alpacas are raised.

Tens Of Thousands Of Alpacas Die In Peruvian Cold Snap

The government of Peru has declared a state of emergency in the southern Andes after brutally low temperatures killed tens of thousands of alpacas, according to The Associated Press.

The government is promising $3 million in relief to farmers in the region, who live at or around 15,000 feet above sea level and raise the animals, relying on money from selling their lightweight wool.

Ivanka Trump praised her father's business sense and ability to "see potential in others" in her speech during the final evening session of the Republican National Convention in Ohio.

Ivanka Trump Lobbies Women In Prime-Time Convention Speech

Ivanka Trump is thought to be one of Donald Trump's most influential advisers, a person who can persuade him to hire or fire someone. She has also become one of his most forceful surrogates this election.

Introducing her father Thursday night at the Republican National Convention — perhaps her biggest stage yet — Ivanka, 34, praised his business sense and ability to "see potential in others" and gave personal anecdotes about his character as a father. She also made a big push for a vital demographic with which her father struggles — women.

Reports: Dozens Of Civilians Killed In U.S-Led Coalition Strike In Syria

Syria's main opposition group is calling for the U.S.-led coalition to suspend its airstrike campaign against ISIS after reports of dozens of civilian deaths close to the Turkish border.

As NPR's Alison Meuse told our Newscast unit, reports suggest the strike near the northern town of Manbij is the "largest civilian death toll since the intervention began." She added that "both the opposition and [Syrian President Bashar] Assad's regime put the death toll above 120 killed." Here's more from Alison:

A Turkish special forces police officer stands guard in front of the Istanbul Justice Palace on July 20. Family members of those detained have been gathering outside, hoping for a chance to see their loved ones.

Fear Grips Turkey Amid Government Crackdown After Failed Coup

Turks survived a chaotic and bloody attempted military takeover on Friday that left more than 260 dead. Since then, the government has suspended thousands of public and private sector employees — everyone from teachers to police officers. Meanwhile, the parliament has ratified a state of emergency that will last up to three months. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan says it's necessary to protect democracy. But many Turks are afraid of what's to come.

A U.S. military policeman stands in front of Air Force fighter jets that were part of a NATO show of strength in Romania in April intended to deter Russian intervention in Ukraine.

European Leaders Urge NATO Solidarity; Trump Sets Conditions, Should He Be Elected

European leaders hailed what they called the wisdom of mutual defense on Thursday after Donald Trump raised doubts about his commitment to America's NATO obligations if he's elected president.

Yao honey-hunter Orlando Yassene holds a male greater honeyguide temporarily captured for research in the Niassa National Reserve, Mozambique. The birds will flutter in front of people, tweet, and fly from tree to tree to guide hunters to bees' nests that are hidden inside the trunks of hollow trees. This teamwork could date back thousands or even a million years.

How Wild Birds Team Up With Humans To Guide Them To Honey

An African bird called the Greater honeyguide is famous for leading people to honey, and a new study shows that the birds listen for certain human calls to figure out who wants to play follow-the-leader.

The finding underscores the unique relationship that exists between humans and this wild bird.

Invisibilia: How A Shirt Collar Helped A Man Survive Auschwitz

When you got up this morning, did you dress for the weather? Your wife? Throw on your lucky socks?

NPR's show and podcast Invisibilia has been taking a long look at what we wear — from sunglasses to artist's frocks and hoodies — and asking how much our clothes affect us, sometimes in ways we're not aware of, or might not even like.

Fox News CEO and Chairman Roger Ailes and his wife, Elizabeth Tilson, leave the News Corp. building in New York on Tuesday. Ailes is stepping down from his role and Rupert Murdoch will be taking over as chairman and acting CEO.

Roger Ailes, Accused Of Sexual Harassment, Out As Chairman Of Fox News

Roger Ailes, the CEO and chairman of Fox News, is stepping down from his role. Rupert Murdoch will be taking over as chairman and acting CEO.

Ailes "has resigned from his role effective immediately," according to a statement from parent company 21st Century Fox.

A woman lights a candle on Monday in Nice, France, near a makeshift memorial for the victims of the deadly Bastille Day attack.

French Prosecutor Says Attacker In Nice Had Accomplices And Planned For Months

French authorities say they believe the man who killed 84 people when he plowed a truck into a crowd in Nice, France, had multiple accomplices and planned the attack for months.

French anti-terrorism prosecutor Francois Molins announced the developments in the investigation during a news conference Thursday. He added that more than 400 people across multiple agencies have been working on the probe.

An aerial view shows Christ the Redeemer with Maracana Stadium in the background on July 4 in Rio de Janeiro.

10 Brazilians Arrested, Accused Of Plotting Terrorist Attack On Rio Olympics

Police in Brazil have arrested 10 people for allegedly plotting a terrorist attack against the upcoming Olympics in Rio, according to Brazil's justice minister.

Authorities say the group, based in multiple states across Brazil, had "moved beyond discussion to active planning," NPR's Lulu Garcia-Navarro says.

Members of the group allegedly had pledged allegiance to ISIS but had not had any direct contact with the militant group, Lulu reports from Rio.

"It's a first for modern Brazil — Brazilians plotting a terrorist attack on their own country," Lulu says.