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Citing Unpaid Debts, Russia Cuts Off Gas Supplies To Ukraine

Russia says it has cut natural gas supplies to Ukraine after Kiev missed a deadline to pay part of its huge outstanding energy debt. The Russians say that in the future the state-run company Gazprom will only supply gas to Ukraine in return for pre-payment.

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Michael Redfern's family has been logging Tennessee forests for four generations. But it's hard, dangerous work in a volatile industry, so fewer young people are pursuing the trade.

Growing Worker Shortage Looms Over Logging Industry's Future

Timber is big business in Tennessee. About $1 billion dollars' worth of the state's tree products are shipped abroad every year. But within the industry, there is concern that there may soon be too few loggers to keep the profession going.

The Redfern family has been working the state's forests for four generations, but it isn't sure it will see a fifth.

Michael Redfern, 57, runs a three-man operation with his two sons on a 25-acre property in Cedar Hill, near Tennessee's northern border with Kentucky.

Iraqi Ambassador: 'In Iraq Now, You Have A Thousand Bin Ladens'

Lukman Faily, the Iraqi ambassador to the U.S., speaks to Melissa Block about Iraq's hopes for the American response to recent turmoil, as well as the conditions the U.S. has placed on its possible intervention.

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By Slim Margin, Supreme Court Preserves Key Gun Control Law

Chicago Gets Out From Under Its History Of Political Patronage

Boon Or Blood Bath, Life Under ISIS Depends On The City

Military contractor Raytheon is marketing its employee surveillance software to smaller companies that handle big data.

Software That Sees Employees, Not Outsiders, As The Real Threat

A growing number of companies are under pressure to protect sensitive data — and not just from hackers lurking outside the digital walls. They're also looking to protect it from insiders — employees who may want to swipe information such as customer bank account numbers or electronic medical records.

A new breed of security software is hitting the market to help with insider threat detection. And it raises some real labor-relations issues.

Monitoring To Find Bad Intent

The new ISSpresso orbital espresso machine.

Finally! A Decent Espresso On The International Space Station

Italian astronaut Luca Parmitano, during his stay on the International Space Station last year, said the one thing he missed was a real cup of espresso.

Engineers on the ground in Italy were way ahead of him.

They had already been hard at work solving the problems of zero-G espresso and now they're ready to launch ISSpresso, "the first capsule-based espresso system able to work in the extreme conditions of space."

Richard Martinez and Peter Rodger in Santa Barbara on June 1, 2014.

Photos: Father Of Santa Barbara Killer Meets Victim's Dad

Sometimes, not much needs to be said. That's the case with a series of photos released today that show an early June meeting between the father of the Santa Barbara killer and the dad of one of his 20-year-old victims.

A large Texas flag is carried up Congress Avenue toward the Texas Capitol during the annual Boy Scouts Parade and Report to State in Austin in February 2013.

Texas Politics To Be Lone Star Of New HBO Series

Between Rick Perry, Ted Cruz and Wendy Davis, Texas politicians in recent years have lived up to their state's reputation for producing larger-than-life characters.

That makes the Texas political scene a natural for the Hollywood treatment.

HBO has given God Save Texas, a drama about the state's often raucous political culture, the green light for development. It's set to unfold at the Texas statehouse, a perennial flashpoint for national debates about issues ranging from abortion to gun rights to the size and role of government.