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Republican Gov. Mary Fallin of Oklahoma, here with Michael C. Thompson, state secretary of safety and security, charged that the state Supreme Court had exceeded its jurisdiction<strong> </strong> when it called for a stay of execution in the Clayton Lockett case in March.

The Messy Legal Road That Led To Oklahoma's Botched Execution

Although most of the country just became aware of issues with Oklahoma's capital punishment protocols last week after Clayton Lockett's bungled execution, his lawyers had been worried for months. That's because in January, two condemned men in different states but injected with the same new drug cocktail endured executions that went badly. Lockett's lawyer, Susanna Gattoni, was unable to keep him from suffering a similar fate last week.

Screen grab of a video purporting to show a Chinese patrol boat ramming a Vietnamese vessel near the Paracel Islands in the South China Sea.

Vietnam Says Video Proves China Rammed Its Ship

Vietnam's coast guard has released a video it says shows one of its vessels being deliberately rammed by a Chinese patrol craft near the disputed Paracel Islands. It comes on the same day that Beijing reiterated its right to drill for oil in the region of the South China Sea also claimed by Hanoi.

A police officer stands outside the entrance to Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., on Dec. 15, 2012.

Mental Health 101: Program Helps Police Intervene In Crises

How do you tell the difference between someone who needs to be taken to jail and someone who needs to be taken to the hospital? It can be a delicate situation to decipher, and it's been a big concern in Connecticut since the Newtown shootings of 2012.

Lance Newkirchen, a regular patrol officer in the town of Fairfield, is also specifically trained to respond to mental health calls. On a recent weekday, he headed out in his patrol car for a follow-up call.

13 Spliffy Jobs In The Marijuana Industry

Say what you will about the morality of marijuana, now that 21 U.S. states — and the District of Columbia — have passed some type of pot-friendly legalization, selling weed is big business.

Rescue gear sits on the sand on Mount Baldy in the Indiana Dunes in July, 2013, after a 6-year-old boy was rescued from a mysterious hole that buried him for three hours. Lake Michigan is in the background.

Baffling, Boy-Swallowing Holes Close An Indiana Dune

Drive on I-94 just outside of Chicago between Gary and Michigan City, Ind., and you catch a glimpse of the massive sand dunes that make up the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore. Tucked between coal plants and steel mills, the dunes are as high as 200 feet, stretching along the southernmost tip of Lake Michigan.

These dunes were formed some 14,000 years ago, and most are now covered in forest, says Park Ranger Bruce Rowe, who has worked at the lakeshore for 30 years.

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