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I'm not really texting. I'm checking my homework assignments.

Teens Say They Don't Text Or Drink While Driving, Kinda

Many teen drivers are earnest when they say they know the risks of drinking and driving or texting behind the wheel. But it seems many either ignore those dangers or don't fully understand what it means to drive safely.

About half of teens who say they never text while driving admitted to texting at red lights or stop signs, according to a survey released Tuesday. And while 86 percent of teens consider driving under the influence to be dangerous, one in 10 who say they never drive under the influence actually do drive after drinking.

Report: Emergency Response Inadequate In Airport Shooting

After A Long Wait, 24 Models In Heroism Get Their Due

As Common Core Tests Approach, So Does A Sea Change In Schools

Deadly Violence Breaks Out At Crimean Military Base

Russia Votes To Annex Crimea, As The West Looks On

Politics And Power Complicate The Airliner Search

Cathy Cartier, a proponent of Common Core, teaches an English class at Affton High School in Missouri last month.

Q&A: A Crash Course On Common Core

Confused about the Common Core State Standards? Join the club. That's not to say the new benchmarks in reading and math are good or bad, working smoothly or kicking up sparks as the wheels come off. It is simply an acknowledgement that, when the vast majority of U.S. states adopt a single set of educational standards all at roughly the same time, a little confusion is inevitable.

Below is a handy FAQ about the Core. We'll continue answering your questions in the coming months. You can post them in the comments section, or on Twitter and Facebook using #commonq.

Ashante Thurston, John Riascos and Julieth Riascos talk with Mario Ricart, a private insurance agent, about buying health insurance at a kiosk at the Mall of the Americas in Miami last year.

Young People Are Falling Into A Health Insurance Subsidy Gap

Some young people seeking to buy health insurance are finding themselves falling into a "subsidy gap" that leaves them ineligible for financial assistance that was heavily advertised.

Subsidies in the health law were designed to lower insurance costs for people who make around $11,000 to $46,000 a year.

<strong>I'll drink to that: </strong>Craft beer sales jumped 20 percent last year.

A Cold One For Everyone: Craft Beer Sales Surge In 2013

If you think craft beer is seemingly everywhere these days, there's good reason. From bars and restaurants to grocery store aisles, the selection of locally made, often quirkily named brews has grown at an exponential rate – and it looks set to keep on growing.

Craft beer sales jumped 20 percent last year and now make up nearly 8 percent of all beer sales in America, according to new numbers from the Brewers Association, an industry trade group.