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Dr. Monica Wehby, pediatric neurosurgeon, is among the Republican candidates turning up the emotions in campaign ads.

Easy On The Ears: GOP Ads Adapt To Reach Women Voters

It's only April, but it looks and sounds like October. More than $80 million has been spent on political advertising in only about a dozen Senate battleground states.

About half that amount is targeted at women.

Many ads aimed at women take the most obvious approach: Republicans putting their female candidates front and center; Democrats attacking Republicans for waging a war on women.

But there's more to it than that, says Republican ad-maker Ashley O'Connor.

When A Cholesterol Test Becomes A Vice Instead Of A Virtue

If you ask me to boil down the modern doctor-patient relationship to its most basic elements, cholesterol pretty much sums it up.

No single concept has permeated American medical culture to the extent of our anxiety about cholesterol.

It doesn't matter if you're old or young, male or female, rich or poor, educated or not. Whether you love American-style high-tech medical care or forswear it for an Eastern-oriented herbal approach, patients from all perspectives come to me and fret about their cholesterol.

U.S. Embassy Officers Shot, Killed 2 Armed Individuals In Yemen

Two U.S. embassy officers in Yemen shot and killed two armed men in Sanaa last month.

"The Embassy officers are no longer in Yemen," State Department spokesperson Marie Harf said in a written statement. "Per standard procedure for any such incident involving embassy officers overseas, this matter is under review."

Harf added that the officers fired because the armed individuals were attempting to kidnap them.

North Dakota farmer Jim Reimers shows off one of the drones he uses to collect data on his family's 30,000-acre farm.

High-Ho, The Derry-O, The Farmer And The Drone

There was a near-miss in the skies above Tallahassee recently. According to a Federal Aviation Administration official, an American Airlines regional jet nearly collided with a "small, remotely piloted aircraft" — a drone — cruising 2,300-feet above sea level.

Exactly who was flying the unmanned aircraft remains unknown, but drones are becoming increasingly common in U.S. skies. This week in North Dakota, the FAA began allowing tests of drones for agricultural purposes.

South Sudan's President Salva Kiir (left) and rebel leader Riek Machar (right) shake hands and pray before signing an agreement of the cease-fire of the South Sudan conflict on Friday in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

South Sudanese Leaders Sign Cease-Fire Agreement

South Sudan's president has signed an agreement with a rebel leader that calls for the "immediate cessation of hostilities."

As NPR's Gregory Warner has been reporting, a political tug of war between two rivals has spiraled into "tit-for-tat ethnic killing" that has threatened to tear apart the world's youngest country.

This photo provided by Nancy Johnson shows what authorities say is a hot air balloon that caught fire and crashed in Virginia on Friday.

2 Dead, 1 Missing After Hot Air Balloon Catches Fire In Virginia

(This post was updated at 12:46 p.m. ET.)

Two people are dead and another is missing after a hot air balloon caught fire and crashed near Doswell, Va., on Friday night.

During a televised press conference on Saturday, Virginia State Police spokeswoman Corinne Geller said the operation had now transitioned into a recovery effort.

Geller said three hot air balloons took off at the same time. Two of them landed safely and one of them hit a power line while descending. The basket part caught fire.

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