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John Clemons takes flowers out of their natural context with his newest venture, Coco Savvy, which combines them with chocolate.

Edible Flowers Find A Sweet Companion In Chocolate

People have been nibbling on flowers for quite some time – they have historically been considered cleansing for the body, and for centuries they were candied, pickled or made into syrup.

But now, edible flowers are being introduced to new markets – and it's a sweet concept. John Clemons, a long-time edible flower purveyor, recently launched a venture called Coco Savvy, which combines crystallized, glazed herbs and flowers and chocolate.

Demonstrators protest the killing of teenager Michael Brown by Police.

What Policing Looks Like To A Former Officer

Ronald Hampton worked in law enforcement in Washington, D.C., for 23 years, first on the street, and then as a community relations officer. He was also heavily involved in program development, education and crime prevention. He retired from the police force in 1994, but continued his work as the executive director of the National Black Police Association. Today he teaches criminal justice at the University of the District of Columbia.

'This Is A Congress That's Really Doing Nothing,' Says NYT Reporter

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Plantiffs in the federal suit over Virginia's ban on gay marriage, Emily Schall-Townley (from left), Carol Schall and Mary Townley, after a hearing on Virginia's same-sex-marriage ban in Richmond, Va., in May. Wednesday, the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals refused a motion to stay its decision that the ban isn't constitutional.

Gay Marriages May Begin In Virginia Next Week, After Court Denies A Stay

A federal court has cleared the way for same-sex marriage to be recognized in Virginia, denying a motion to stay its own ruling against a ban on the unions. That means same-sex couples could apply for marriage licenses in Virginia next week, state officials say.

In Peru's annual Blood Festival, a condor is tied to the back of a bull and tries to gouge its eyes, while the bull attempts to shake off the giant bird. The event is popular in many parts of the country, but conservationists say this threatens a bird already at risk.

In Peru's Blood Festival, It's The Condor Versus The Bull

The Peruvian Blood Festival is a striking spectacle, with a giant condor strapped to the back of an enraged bull in front of a roaring crowd. For many Peruvians, it is a symbolic re-enactment of their liberation from Spanish rule. For conservationists, it is yet another threat to one of the world's largest birds.

Rep. Mark Meadows, R-N.C., holds up a hard drive as he questions IRS Commissioner John Koskinen during a July 23 hearing.

More Details Surface On Missing IRS Hard Drive

Finally, we now have a detailed IRS account of its attempts to resurrect the long-gone hard drive in Lois Lerner's computer.

But it's not definitive.

Lerner headed the tax-exempt organizations division in 2011, when it was dealing with hundreds of applications from conservative groups. They wanted status as 501(c)(4) social welfare organizations, so they could raise unlimited sums without identifying the donors and engage in extensive political activity.

If a kid is already washing his hands well, adding sanitizer in school doesn't appear to help reduce illnesses and absences.

Schoolchildren Who Add Hand Sanitizer To Washing Still Get Sick

Schools can be a great breeding ground for colds, stomach viruses, the flu and other bugs kids (and their parents) would rather not get.

Researchers wanted to know whether the transmission of those baddies could be reduced by telling elementary school children to use hand sanitizer in addition to the usual hand washing. But their study, conducted in 68 primary schools in New Zealand, found putting sanitizer in classrooms might not be worth the money and effort in higher-income countries, where soap and clean water are readily available.

Rescuers work on the site of the crash of the aircraft carrying presidential candidate Eduardo Campos in Santos, Sao Paulo state, Brazil, on Wednesday.

Brazilian Presidential Candidate Campos Dies In Plane Crash

Eduardo Campos, an economist who was running for Brazil's presidency as the leader of the Brazilian Socialist Party, has died in a plane crash near the coast southeast of Sao Paulo.

Doug Brinson sits on a stoop next to a makeshift memorial for Eric Garner in Staten Island, N.Y. Garner died after he was put in a chokehold by police officers while being arrested at the site last month for selling untaxed loose cigarettes. His death has been ruled a homicide.

What Policing Looks Like To A Former Investigator Of Misconduct

When I was in my early 20s, my days were spent listening to New Yorkers tell me stories of how officers from the New York City Police Department had beaten them up. On most days, the person sitting across from me was a young, African-American man. (There were women, too, but they were fewer.) He would have an official complaint, either during his arrest or after, which then filtered through the city bureaucracy to land on my desk at the Civilian Complaint Review Board, or CCRB, an independent agency that investigates complaints against the NYPD.

Quite a few big businesses plan to offer workers health insurance options that have so few benefits that they don't comply with the Affordable Care Act.

Many Big Employers Plan To Offer Skimpy Health Plans Despite Law

Nearly 1 in 6 companies plans to offer health coverage that doesn't meet the Affordable Care Act's requirements for value and affordability, a national survey of employers finds.