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In Birmingham, The Debate Over Confederate Monuments Is Renewed After Charlottesville

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Mathematicians Could Help In Gerrymandering Legal Cases

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Officials Still Searching For Bodies After Deadly Mudslides In Sierra Leone

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Reporter In Barcelona Describes Scene Immediately After Deadly Van Attack

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Varied Republican Response To Charlottesville Raises Questions On Legislative Ability

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Sen. Bob Corker, R-Tenn., speaks to reporters after meeting with President-elect Donald Trump at Trump Tower on November 29, 2016.

GOP Senator: Trump Lacking 'Stability,' 'Competence' To Succeed

A leading Republican Senator told reporters on Thursday that President Trump "has not yet been able to demonstrate the stability, nor some of the competence that he needs to demonstrate in order to be successful."

Sen. Bob Corker, R-Tenn., was at the Rotary Club of Chattanooga and spoke to local reporters there. In video posted by Chloe Morrison of, Corker added, "And we need for him to be successful. Our nation needs for him to be successful."

Killer whale Kasatka seen with a calf in 2004 at SeaWorld in San Diego, California.

SeaWorld Euthanizes Its Oldest Killer Whale After Respiratory Issues

SeaWorld and animal welfare advocates are mourning the passing of one of the park's oldest killer whales. Kasatka was euthanized at SeaWorld San Diego Tuesday evening after suffering from a respiratory infection.

Kasatka was a matriarch of the orca pod in San Diego. She had been captured in the wild off the coast of Iceland in 1978. SeaWorld says she had four calves, six grandchildren and two great grandchildren.

Joshua Wong, seen in the prison bus after his sentencing in Hong Kong on Thursday.

3 Hong Kong Activists Jailed For Role In 2014 'Umbrella' Protests

Three of the most visible leaders of Hong Kong's Umbrella Movement have been sentenced to jail time for their roles in the series of massive pro-democracy protests in 2014.

James Mitchell (left) and Bruce Jessen (right) have settled a lawsuit brought by former detainees who were held in secret CIA prisons.

Psychologists Behind CIA 'Enhanced Interrogation' Program Settle Detainees' Lawsuit

Two psychologists who were paid more than $80 million by the CIA to develop "enhanced interrogation" techniques — which others have called torture — have settled a lawsuit brought by men who were detained.

The list of brutal methods devised by Bruce Jessen and James Mitchell for use by the U.S. included waterboarding; the tactics were meant to condition detainees into a state of helplessness. Mitchell has said he was told by U.S. officials that the idea was to "walk right up to the edge of the law."

During the day on Aug. 21, large swaths of farmland will be plunged into darkness and temperatures will drop about 10 degrees. Scientists are waiting to see how crops and animals will react.

Will The Eclipse Make Crops And Animals Flip Out? Scientists Ask (Really)

On Aug. 21, a 70 mile-wide ribbon from Oregon to South Carolina called the "path of totality" will experience a total solar eclipse. Large swaths of farmland in the Great Plains and Midwest will be plunged into darkness for two and a half minutes and temperatures will drop about 10 degrees in the middle of the day.

But as millions of people look up at the sky, many Midwest scientists will turn their eyes and cameras toward the plants and animals on the ground. And they're not sure what will happen.