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Response In Ukraine Could Prove A Crucible For NATO's Future

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World Leaders Descend On Wales To Help Decide NATO's Way Forward

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The Big Picture Of The Fast-Food Wage Dispute

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Attorney General Eric Holder announced Thursday that the Justice Department's civil rights division will launch a broad civil rights investigation in the Ferguson, Mo., Police Department.

Holder Says Ferguson Probe Will Look For Source Of Police Mistrust

The Justice Department has launched a broad investigation into the actions of police in Ferguson, Mo. A white police officer there shot an unarmed 18-year-old black man last month, touching off protests and episodes of violence.

Attorney General Eric Holder says he's taking a closer look to get to the bottom of deep mistrust of local police.

Federal Judge Decides BP Acted With Gross Negligence In Gulf Oil Spill

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Shark Encounter Wasn't 'Jaws,' Exactly — But It Was Still Jarring

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Shacki Kamara cried for help after being wounded by soldiers during a protest in West Point.

Remembering Shacki: Liberia's Accidental Ebola Victim

Sixteen-year-old Shacki Kamara was an accidental victim of Ebola. He didn't die of the virus, but if the virus hadn't struck Liberia, he might still be alive.

Kamara lived in West Point, a shantytown on a peninsula jutting out from the capital city of Monrovia. An Ebola holding center there was attacked on Aug. 16 and patients fled; on Aug. 20, the government imposed a lockdown.

Chill Out Pie-Makers. There's No Butter Shortage Looming

As you may have heard, butter is back. Lots of us are spreading it on our toast and even adding it to our coffee. (By the way, we've both tried that, and we're not fans). We may even be thinking ahead to holiday pies.

But over the last few weeks, there have been several reports suggesting that supplies are dangerously low, creating the prospect of a butter shortage.

Ebola virus particles cling to a cell from an African green monkey.

Johnson & Johnson Pushes Ahead With Ebola Vaccine

All of a sudden there's some movement in the development of vaccines against Ebola.

Johnson & Johnson said Thursday that the company is speeding up work on its part of an experimental two-shot vaccine being developed in collaboration with the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease. J&J's Crucell unit would make a vaccine that would prime the immune system. A second shot from a company called Bavarian Nordic would be given later to boost the immune response.

Rivers and mascot Ben arrive at the 10th annual Race to Deliver AIDS Benefit in 2003 in New York City.

Joan Rivers, An Enduring Comic Who Turned Tragedy Into Showbiz Success, Dies

No one transformed bad times into sidesplitting comedy like Joan Rivers, who kept audiences laughing through a 50-year career that included bankruptcy, getting banned from The Tonight Show and seeing a husband commit suicide.

She even built a standup routine around caring for a handicapped boyfriend.