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Anthem says 80 million company records were accessed in what may be one of the largest health care data breaches to date.

Anthem Hack Renews Calls For Laws To Better Prevent Breaches

The call for more systemic changes to prevent mega-hacks is getting louder after hackers hit Anthem, the nation's second-largest health insurer. The company says cyberthieves gained access to the addresses, employment information and Social Security numbers of 80 million customers and employees.

Eighty million individuals is a lot — it's roughly the populations of California, Texas and Illinois combined.

Observers Flock To Erupting Reunion Volcano

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Jordan's Military Claims New Air Strikes Against ISIS

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Kerry Visits Kiev To Show Support For Beleaguered Ukrainian Government

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Why Is Nearsightedness Skyrocketing Among Chinese Youth?

If you walk the streets of China today, you'll quickly notice that most young people wear glasses. In Shanghai, for instance, 86 percent of high school students suffer from myopia, or nearsightedness, according to the government's Xinhua News Agency.

Myopia has risen quickly in much of East Asia. And researchers are still trying to pin down exactly what's driving the epidemic.

Brian Williams Criticized For Exaggerated Iraq Story

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RadioShack May Be On Verge Of Collapse

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A visualization of the polarization of the Cosmic Microwave Background, or CMB, as detected by ESA's Planck satellite over the entire sky.

First Stars Fired Up 140 Million Years Later Than Previously Thought

It turns out that the "let there be light" moment in the early universe occurred much later than scientists previously thought, according to a newly published analysis of data collected from the European Space Agency's Planck telescope.

The time of the first stars, referred to by astronomers and cosmologists as the "reionization" epoch, is now thought to have occurred about 140 million years later than previously thought, or about 560 million years after the Big Bang, an event that formed our universe 13.8 billion years ago.

Archbishop Oscar Romero of El Salvador (shown in 1977) was gunned down in a church in San Salvador while celebrating Mass after criticizing a government crackdown in 1980.

Decades After His Murder, An Archbishop Is Put On Path To Sainthood

Archbishop Oscar Romero was one of the most prominent and controversial religious figures in Latin America when he was gunned down in 1980 in the early stages of El Salvador's civil war. His legacy has been debated ever since.

But just this week, Pope Francis ruled that Romero was killed "out of hatred for the faith," making him a martyr and setting the stage for his beatification.

Dr. Margaret Hamburg will have served almost six years as FDA commissioner by the time she leaves, far longer than the recent tenure for chiefs of the agency.

FDA Commissioner Hamburg Grappled With Global Challenges

Dr. Margaret Hamburg is stepping down from one of the toughest jobs in the federal government: commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration.

The agency regulates drugs and medical devices and has an important role in food safety. And it's a highly contentious job. No matter what you do, someone's going to complain that you're either too easy on industry or standing in the way of progress.