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Boko Haram May Control Up To 20 Percent Of Nigeria

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After a turn in the tumbling machine, these conventional russet Burbank potatoes are starting to show signs of bruising. New GMO potatoes called Innate russet Burbanks have been bred not to bruise as easily as these.

GMO Potatoes Have Arrived. But Will Anyone Buy Them?

On the face of it, the new potato varieties called "Innate" seem attractive. If you peel the brown skin off their white flesh, you won't find many unsightly black spots. And when you fry them, you'll probably get a much smaller dose of a potentially harmful chemical.

But here's the catch: Some of the biggest potato buyers in the country, such as Frito-Lay and McDonald's, seem afraid to touch these potatoes. Others don't even want to talk about them because they are genetically modified organisms, or GMOs.

Woody Allen Is The Latest Hollywood Star Director To Try TV

Amazon has announced that Woody Allen will write and direct a new half-hour series for its video-streaming service — news that feels a little like hearing Mad Men's Don Draper just founded an Internet advertising agency.

Grief In The Classroom: 'Saying Nothing Says A Lot'

Deborah Oster Pannell's husband died when her son, Josiah, was 6 years old. That week, Pannell visited Josiah's school and, with his teacher and guidance counselor, explained to his first-grade class what had happened.

"I'll never forget the three of us sitting up there — and all these little shining faces looking up at us — talking about how Josiah lost his dad and he might be sad for a while," Pannell says.

Mitt Romney, Jeb Bush Could Split Republican Loyalties

Melissa Block speaks with Patrick O'Connor, political reporter for the Wall Street Journal about Mitt Romney telling donors he wants to run again for president in 2016. O'Connor says Romney and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush have the advantage of not being in office and have the ability to raise more money via superPACs before they declare their candidacy.

High school students protest the pending state takeover and privatization of the York, Pa. School District.

For-Profit Charters Set To Run Pa. District's Schools

It's been a hectic couple of months for anyone watching the York school district in Pennsylvania. The district is facing a state takeover and may be about to go all-charter, handing control of education to a for-profit company called Charters USA.

It's a drastic response to the dire situation in city's schools, both financially and academically. Test scores are the worst of all Pennsylvania's 500 districts, and the proposed turnover is the latest twist in a long-running controversy over the future of the York schools.

'Charlie Hebdo' Keeps The Presses Running, Will Print 3 Milllion Copies

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Obama's Policing Task Force Begins With Public Hearing

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For A Successful Future, Ford Looks To Court Teens, Car-Sharers

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Five Years After 'Citizens United,' SuperPACs Continue To Grow

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