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Jordan Rejects ISIS Claim That Strike Killed American Hostage

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Shoppers queue outside the supermarket 'Dia a Dia' in Caracas, Venezuela, on Tuesday. The government took over stores of supermarket chain after alleging that it was hoarding food. According to many economists, government controls are making the economic crisis worse.

Rich In Oil, Venezuela Is Now Poor In Most Everything Else

Simon Nobile, 72, runs the Capri pasta factory in the capital Caracus, which was founded by his Italian-born father in 1940. Capri's two plants crank out 11 million pounds of pasta per month.

They could produce nearly twice that much. However, Nobile says a government policy designed to help the poor forces him to sell half of his inventory for just five cents a pound.

"There is no incentive because price controls mean that you lose money. So the more you produce, the more money you lose," he says.

Javier Villa (right) with his wife and son in their home in Puerto Rico.

In Puerto Rico, Health Overhaul Gets An Incomplete

Javier Villa has worked at his family's used car dealership in San Juan, Puerto Rico, ever since he finished high school.

Villa, 35, always assumed the insurance plan he had through work would take care of him and his family. But a couple years ago, he ran into a problem.

He was taking a shower one morning when he noticed a lump on the side of his throat. "Very big, like maybe a tennis ball," he says.

Birders Predict Another Snowy Owl 'Irruption'

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American Hostage's Parents Say They Hope She Is Alive

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Social Media Pages Give Vivid Glimpses Into Ukraine Conflict

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Ukraine Crisis Tops Agenda At Munich Conference

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Jordan Signals Aggressive Campaign Against ISIS

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Survey teams are part of the Ebola army: They determine who's sick and send out burial teams when needed. Here, Osman Sow talks with Kadiatu, who is eight months pregnant and suspected of having the virus, as she waits at a health center in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

To Get To Zero Ebola Cases, It'll Cost A Lot: Roughly $1.5 Billion

The closer you get to zero, the harder the job."

That's according to Dr. David Nabarro, who heads the U.N.'s effort against Ebola. In a new report, the agency says that while health workers have been making progress in containing the outbreak in West Africa, it will take $1.5 billion over the first half of 2015 to bring the number of cases down to zero. And the effort will require more than 67,000 national and international health care workers and experts.

The parents of Kayla Mueller, 26, released a statement saying they are hopeful she is still alive. Mueller was kidnapped in 2013 while doing humanitarian work in Syria. ISIS claims Mueller died in an airstrike Friday.

Family Of U.S. Hostage Held By ISIS Hopeful She Is Alive

The family of the Arizona woman who Islamic militants claim was killed in a Jordanian airstrike is hoping she is still alive.

Kayla Jean Mueller's parents are not speaking to reporters, but issued a statement through a family representative late Friday asking for privacy and requesting that the so-called Islamic State, which has held the aid worker since 2013, contact them privately.

Jordan called ISIS's claim "criminal propaganda," and U.S. officials say they can't confirm her death, says Martin Kaste of our Newcast desk.