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Homeless families outside a downtown Seattle shelter.

Homeless Families Wait Longer For Shelter Under Seattle's System

If you have an emergency, you dial 911. If you find yourself in need of emergency food or shelter, you can dial 211 — but help might not come very soon.

On a busy morning at Seattle's Crisis Clinic, specially trained operators such as Alex Williams, handle a flood of 211 calls.

"We do try to stress that, unfortunately, because the need is so great, it isn't likely to be immediate, and it could be months, even, before they are placed in a shelter," Williams says. "It can be frustrating and difficult to deliver that message."

From Pet To Pest, Goldfish Tip Scales Of Survival In Lake's Ecosystem

Colorado wildlife officials believe someone released four or five pet goldfish into Teller Lake #5 a few years ago. Now, the fish number in the thousands and threaten the lake's ecosystem. Aquatic biologist Ben Swigle explains how they're trying to rid the lake of the invasive species.

More Body Cameras Are On The Way For North Charleston Police

State Rep. Wendell Gilliard, D-S.C., discusses the fatal shooting of Walter Scott by a police officer in North Charleston, S.C., after Scott was stopped after a traffic stop. Gilliard also explains his proposed legislation, which would mandate that police officers wear body cameras while on duty.

The new Sirloin Third Pound burgers will be offered at McDonald's starting later this month, for a limited time.

The Latest Item On McDonald's Shifting Menu: A $5 Burger

McDonald's has been struggling in recent years to keep pace with fast-casual chains like Five Guys and Chipotle Mexican Grill.

So the fast-food giant is testing different menu options to lure back customers. Starting later this month, McDonald's diners will be able to choose a $4.99 sandwich — the Sirloin Third Pound burger.

In North Charleston, Video Of Police Shooting 'Sickens' City Leaders

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Sen. Cotton, who orchestrated a letter to Iran's leaders disapproving of any potential deal with Iran, called the president's underlying assumptions in making a deal "wishful thinking."

Tom Cotton: Military Action Against Iran Would Only Take 'Several Days'

Sen. Tom Cotton accused President Obama of holding up a "false choice" between his framework deal on Iran's nuclear program and war. He also seemed to diminish what military action against Iran would entail.

With Discounts For Healthy Behavior, John Hancock Courts Privacy Concerns

John Hancock announced a new program promising discounts for policyholders who wear a fitness tracker, exercise more and go to the doctor. The life insurance company says that if people live longer healthier lives, everybody wins. But privacy advocates worry about all the electronic monitoring.

An investor looks at stock information at a trading hall of a securities firm on Jan. 28, in Shanghai.

Sidewalk Touts Trade Tips on Shanghai's Booming Bull Market

On weekend afternoons, large crowds descend on a pair of street corners across from People's Square in downtown Shanghai to trade stock tips. Shen Yuxi has set up a homemade desk with two laptops, a big flat screen and offers insights like this:

"When a Communist Party chairman takes office, I buy stock in companies from his hometown," Shen tells a crowd of about 20 people that spills out over the sidewalk.

Recently, Shen has been buying up companies in Shaanxi, the home province of Xi Jinping, who serves as general secretary of China's Communist Party.

The celebrated poet Maya Angelou crafted a number of lines that have resonated with her readers — but the one on this stamp, it turns out, isn't one of them.

USPS Picks Perfect Line For Maya Angelou Stamp — If Only It Were Hers

As Abraham Lincoln always said, "The trouble with quotes on the Internet is that you never know if they're accurate."

Well, no — barring a weird rift in time, he probably didn't say that. But when it comes to the quotations of other famous figures — and, it seems, even life offline — things occasionally get far murkier.

Just ask the U.S. Postal Service.

Shell's Big Deal Could Shift Global Landscape Of Gas Business

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