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The new F-150's aluminum body cuts about 700 pounds off the truck's weight.

Ford's New Aluminum F-150, VW Golf Take Top Detroit Auto Show Honors

Ford's aluminum F-150 was one of the big stars today at the 2015 North American International Auto Show in Detroit, taking the prize for truck of the year.

The F-150's aluminum body cuts about 700 pounds off the truck's weight. A report from NPR's Sonari Glinton says the F-150 is Ford's most important vehicle, and quotes Aaron Bragman, Detroit bureau chief for, as saying the automaker's move to aluminum is one of the biggest gambles in the auto industry in years.

A Pakistani soldier stands guard on a street as children walk to school in Peshawar on Monday.

Pakistani School At Center Of Taliban Massacre Reopens

Amid heavy security on Monday, children returned to the Pakistani school where Taliban militants killed nearly 150 of their classmates and teachers last month.

Al-Jazeera reports that the mood was sombre and children were dropped off in military trucks. The network adds:

After the earthquake in 2010, about a thousand people were living in tents on the median of Highway 2, one of Haiti's busiest roads. Five years later, tens of thousands of people in Port-au-Prince still live in tents and other temporary housing.

5 Years After Haiti's Earthquake, Where Did The $13.5 Billion Go?

Haiti's magnitude 7.0 earthquake of Jan. 10, 2010, left 220,000 people dead, 300,000 injured and rubble nearly everywhere.

The catastrophe also unleashed an unprecedented flood of humanitarian aid — $13.5 billion in donations and pledges, about three-quarters from donor nations and a quarter from private charity.

But today Haiti is a long, long way from realizing the bullish goal of "building back better."

Your Online Avatar May Reveal More About You Than You'd Think

My Nintendo Wii character, my Mii, looks a lot like me. She has the same haircut, the same skin tone and even the same eyebrow shape. And while my Mii plays tennis slightly better than I do, I designed her to be a real, virtual me (albeit with balls for hands).

But it turns out I might not have needed to mimic my appearance to let people know what I'm like.

Elizabeth Jensen's three-year term as NPR's ombudsman is set to begin Jan. 26.

NPR Appoints Longtime Print Reporter As New Ombudsman

NPR CEO Jarl Mohn today named veteran print reporter Elizabeth Jensen as the public radio network's fifth ombudsman.

"I think the primary responsibility is to report the concerns of NPR's listeners and to show NPR's journalism is ... transparent and accountable," Jensen said in an interview. "It's a two-way conversation."

People attend a vigil for Eric Garner near where he died after he was taken into police custody in Staten Island.

NYPD Officers Have Faced Light Punishments For Chokeholds, Report Finds

In its first report since it was created, the New York City Police Department's inspector general found that chokeholds, which are banned by the department, were quick to be used by officers, who rarely received significant punishment.

NPR member station WNYC reports:

A blended learning classroom at David Boody Jr. High School in New York City.

Meet The Classroom Of The Future

The classroom of the future probably won't be led by a robot with arms and legs, but it may be guided by a digital brain.

It may look like this: one room, about the size of a basketball court; more than 100 students, all plugged into a laptop; and 15 teachers and teaching assistants.

This isn't just the future, it's the sixth grade math class at David Boody Jr. High School in Brooklyn, near Coney Island. Beneath all the human buzz, something other than humans is running the show: algorithms.

Secretary of State John Kerry speaks at a press conference in Gandhinagar, India, on Monday.

Kerry Announces Paris Trip, Brushes Off Criticism On Missing March

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said he would be in Paris on Thursday to show solidarity with the people of France, after the worst terrorist attack in more than a generation.

Kerry made the announcement after the Obama administration was criticized for not sending a high-ranking official to a unity rally in Paris on Sunday.

CNN reports that Kerry defended that decision, saying the criticism amounted to "quibbling."

CNN reports:

Tina Fey, Margaret Cho and Amy Poehler talk onstage during the 72nd Annual Golden Globe Awards. Fey and Poehler hosted the awards for the third (and, they say, final) time.

Big Wins For 'Transparent' Make It Clear: TV's Undergoing A Revolution

Surrounded by his cast mates and the show's executive producer, Transparent star Jeffrey Tambor faced a crowd of journalists backstage at the Golden Globe awards Sunday, and made the case for why his win as best actor in a comedy meant more than a typical Hollywood honor.

"This is about changing people's lives," said Tambor, who won his award playing a 70-year-old coming out as transgender. Earlier, while accepting his award on national TV, he dedicated his award and performance to the transgender community.

A woman in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, hangs her laundry to dry in front of her home. Made out of tin and tarps, her family built the shelter on land where their home once stood before a massive earthquake devastated the nation in 2010. An estimated 80,000 Haitians displaced by the quake remain in tents.

In Haiti, Politics And An Earthquake Anniversary Collide

Monday marks five years since a devastating earthquake struck Haiti, killing more than 200,000 people and destroying much of the Caribbean nation's capital.

It is also the deadline for a political showdown. Haitian leaders met late into Sunday night to hash out an agreement and avoid leaving only Haiti's president with legal standing to rule by decree. The prolonged political crisis threatens Haiti's fragile recovery.