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Rescue gear sits on the sand on Mount Baldy in the Indiana Dunes in July, 2013, after a 6-year-old boy was rescued from a mysterious hole that buried him for three hours. Lake Michigan is in the background.

Baffling, Boy-Swallowing Holes Close An Indiana Dune

Drive on I-94 just outside of Chicago between Gary and Michigan City, Ind., and you catch a glimpse of the massive sand dunes that make up the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore. Tucked between coal plants and steel mills, the dunes are as high as 200 feet, stretching along the southernmost tip of Lake Michigan.

These dunes were formed some 14,000 years ago, and most are now covered in forest, says Park Ranger Bruce Rowe, who has worked at the lakeshore for 30 years.

After Stanford Divests From Coal, Activists' Hopes Turn To Harvard

Spurning Putin's Calls For Delay, Ukrainian Separatists Forge Ahead

Auction Marks An End To A History Of Scandal At Tea Pot Dome

New Rules Aim To Keep School Doors Open For Undocumented Students

Keystone Pipeline Dispute Muddles The Path Forward On Energy Bill

Is This Save The Children Ad Too Sexy For The Cause?

The sexy male model makes bedroom eyes and says, "Malaria."

The sexy female model twirls her glossy hair in a flirtatious manner and says, "Diarrhea."

It's part of a 2 minute, 17 second public service spot called "The Most Important 'Sexy' Model Video Ever." And no, it's not a spoof.

Forecast Predicts A Shift Away From Employer-Sponsored Insurance

Klotho (right) is one of the three Greek Fates depicted in this Flemish tapestry at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

Anti-Aging Hormone Could Make You Smarter

A hormone associated with longevity also appears to make people's brains work better.

The finding in Cell Reports could someday lead to drugs that improve memory and learning, researchers say.

Congress Votes To Subpoena VA Chief Shinseki

A House committee on Thursday voted to issue a subpoena to Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki over allegations of delays at VA hospitals that may have caused as many as 40 deaths of patients waiting for care.

In addition to calling Shinseki to testify, lawmakers also subpoenaed records from a Phoenix VA hospital that allegedly maintained an alternate wait list showing that patients waited only a few weeks for treatment when in fact some waited more than a year.