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In New York, Video Chat Trumps Quarantine To Combat TB

Thirty-four-year-old Karim works long days as an investment adviser, and when he doesn't burn the midnight oil, he plays basketball or goes to the gym, hangs out with friends, or heads to coffee shops. You wouldn't know he has an especially tough-to-treat illness.

"I have multiple-drug-resistant tuberculosis," he explains.

A Drug Might Heal Spinal Injuries By Sparking Nerve Growth

A scientist who chose to ignore the mainstream nearly 30 years ago has found a new way to regenerate nerves in the spinal cord, at least in animals. A drug that Jerry Silver, a professor of neuroscience at Case Western Reserve University, helped design a drug that has allowed paralyzed rats to regain bladder function and even walk.

Nicholas Komninos (from left), Anthony Pernisi and Ashlee Doele are among the 25 students who signed up for the first suds-specific class in Paul Smith's College's new minor in craft beers. It's a three-credit course in brewing, replete with labs and lectures.

Hey, College Kids: You Really Can Minor In Craft Beer Studies

You've heard it before — that quip to describe crazy college days: "I minored in beer studies."

Well, now you can.

Paul Smith's College, a small, isolated campus in the northernmost reaches of upstate New York's Adirondack Mountains, is among a handful of higher education institutions tapping the ever more potent keg of the craft beer explosion.

He's one of a kind: North Koreans cannot name their children Jong Un, and those who already share Kim Jong Un's name must change it, according to a newly confirmed directive from the country's government.

One Jong Un To Rule Them All: N. Koreans Banned From Using Leader's Name

North Koreans cannot name their children Jong Un, and those who already share the name of the country's leader must change it. That's according to a directive from 2011 obtained recently by KBS, South Korea's state-run broadcast network.

It's unclear how many people the ban affects, but Kim is a common Korean last name, and both males and females can be named Jong Un. The North Korean directive was dated January 2011, the KBS report said.

Alfons R. of Hamburg, Germany, (shown in this undated photo) converted to Islam at age 17. Later, he went to Turkey, then Syria, to join ISIS and was killed this past summer.

From German Teen To ISIS Jihadist: A Father's Struggle To Understand

Manfred Karg says he doesn't know how his eldest son, Alfons, became mixed up with radical Islamists.

Whatever happened, the German pensioner's 19-year-old son from Hamburg is now dead, one of at least 60 Germans killed fighting alongside ISIS militants, nine of them in suicide attacks, according to German authorities.

Karg says two young men with an "immigrant background" knocked on Alfons' mother's door to tell her of his death in Syria last summer.

"When she opened up, they said: 'Congratulations, your son is now in paradise,'" he says.

Shortly before they left Qatar on Wednesday, Grace and Matthew Huang spoke with Dana Shell Smith, the U.S. ambassador to Qatar, at the Hamad International Airport in Doha.

American Couple Detained In Qatar Allowed To Return Home

Matthew and Grace Huang, an American couple who had been forced to remain in Qatar over the death of their adopted 8-year old daughter in 2013, have left the country en route to the United States.

On Sunday, an appeals court cleared the Huangs of all charges in their daughter's death, but as they arrived at the Hamad International Airport in Doha later that day to fly home to California, the couple were detained again. Qatari authorities said another appeal had been filed in their case and that they could not travel.

That travel ban was lifted Wednesday.

Eric Garner (right) poses with his children. A grand jury has decided not to indict a New York police officer over Garner's death in July.

NYC Grand Jury Does Not Indict Officer In Chokehold Case

A grand jury has decided not to indict a New York police officer in the death of Eric Garner on a Staten Island sidewalk this past July.

The encounter between Garner and officer Daniel Pantaleo caused an uproar after video footage of the incident was released. It showed Garner repeatedly gasping, "I can't breathe," as Pantaleo and other officers took him to the ground.

Garner family attorney Jonathon Moore says he's "astonished by the decision," member station WNYC reports.

Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul speaks to the Chase Federalist Society at Northern Kentucky University last month in Highland Heights, Ky.

Sen. Rand Paul Introduces Declaration Of War Against ISIS

Saying President Obama does not have the authority to wage a war against the so-called Islamic State, Sen. Rand Paul, a Republican from Kentucky, introduced a measure declaring war against the Sunni militant group.

Obama declared a war against the group back in September. Administration officials have said that they believe Obama could order military action against the group relying on the Authorization for Use of Military Force passed by Congress in 2001.

HIV is like a jack-in-the-box: When it binds to a cell, its shell (yellow) pops open, and its genetic material (reds) comes out.

Is HIV Evolving Into A Weaker Virus?

Viruses are masters at mutating.

So the big concern with deadly viruses, like Ebola and hepatitis C, is that they will evolve into more dangerous forms over time.

It looks like just the opposite is happening with HIV — although it's happening slowly.

"HIV can generate any mutation in the book, on any day," says virologist Philip Goulder at the University of Oxford.

A healthcare worker wheels a stack of freshly washed boots to ELWA 3.

Startling Statistic: Only 8 Patients In Largest Ebola Hospital

Sometimes you stumble across statistics that just scream at you. I was looking this week through some reports on the Liberian Ministry of Health's website. The screaming statistic was an "8" listed as the number of people "currently in treatment" at the ELWA 3 Ebola Treatment Unit run by Doctors Without Borders in Monrovia.

That couldn't possibly be right, I thought. ELWA 3 is the largest Ebola hospital ever built, with 250 beds. I was at the site when it was being built in August, and later when it was full.