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Doctors used a rapid DNA test to identify a Wisconsin teen's unusual infection with <em>Leptospira</em> bacteria (yellow), which are common in the tropics.

Quick DNA Tests Crack Medical Mysteries Otherwise Missed

Researchers are developing a radical way to diagnose infectious diseases. Instead of guessing what a patient might have, and ordering one test after another, this new technology starts with no assumptions.

The technology starts with a sample of blood or spinal fluid from an infected person and searches through all the DNA in it, looking for sequences that came from a virus, a bacterium, a fungus or even a parasite.

Fla. Man Impersonating Police Officer Pulls Over Unmarked Car

Not the wisest of moves: A man impersonating a police officer in Florida signals a real sheriff's detective driving an unmarked car to pull over.

WESH in Orlando reports that the suspect, 20-year-old Matthew Lee McMahon, "activated a red and blue light Monday while driving behind an unmarked county sheriff's car."

Judge Sums Phone-Hacking Details, As Jury Prepares To Decide Case

Internal Probe Decries GM's 'Incompetence And Neglect'

One Year Later, Snowden Still Evades U.S. Charges

Mike Janke is the chief executive officer of Silent Circle, a company that sells privacy devices and apps.

A Privacy Capitalist Wins Big After Snowden

A year ago this week, the NSA electronic spying revelations by Edward Snowden began to shake the high-tech industry in a big way. The scandal has hurt some companies but there are also some tech winners, including an American who has been cashing in on the political hype.

Meet Mike Janke: privacy capitalist.

Bergdahl Homecoming Party Canceled, As Joy Turns To Worry

Sprint Might Finally Get Its Way With Possible T-Mobile Deal

On Eve Of D-Day Anniversary, World Leaders Cope With Fresher Scars

Senators Reach Framework To Pay For Veterans' Care Outside System

Senators from both parties have reached an agreement on legislation that would expand the ability of veterans to seek government-paid medical care outside the network of VA medical system.

Sen. Bernie Sanders, an independent from Vermont who is chairman of the Veterans Affairs Committee, was joined by Arizona Republican Sen. John McCain in making the announcement Thursday on the Senate floor on Thursday.

The Associated Press reports: