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As Flow Of Migrants Into Mexico Grows, So Do Claims Of Abuse

Like the United States, Mexico is dealing with a substantial increase of Central Americans migrants, including unaccompanied minors, crossing its borders. Earlier this month, Mexico's president announced plans to crack down on the illegal flow and strengthen security along the southern border with Guatemala.

English poet and author Siegfried Sassoon (1886-1967) wearing his army uniform. His experiences in the First World War resulted in his hatred of war, which he expressed in much of his work.

WWI Diaries Of Poet Siegfried Sassoon Go Public For First Time

Nearly two dozen diaries and notebooks of Siegfried Sassoon — among a handful of prominent soldier-poets whose artistic sensibilities were forged in the trenches of World War I — are being published online for the first time by the Cambridge University Library.

Sassoon, who served in the British Army, was a "gifted diarist [who] ... kept a journal for most of his life," the library says.

Amber Medel weighs her 3-week-old baby, Elijah, as lactation consultant Carol Chamblin takes note. Medel had problems breast-feeding and Chamblin encouraged her to use a breast pump to get the milk flowing more easily.

Breast-Feeding Is Still Difficult For Many Moms

When Elizabeth O'Connell was expecting her first child, she knew she wanted to breast-feed. And, she says, she sort of expected it to just happen, naturally.

That's not quite how it panned out. "I was experiencing very tremendous pain," she says.

At first she figured that was normal — but soon it became too much to handle. "I was devastated," she says. "The reality is nursing is a wonderful bonding experience, but when you're in pain, you aren't really thinking about that."

In recent years, public pension funds have been dramatically increasing their investments in hedge funds.

Some Public Pension Funds Making Big Bets On Hedge Funds

Public pension funds have been doing something new in recent years — investing in hedge funds.

Hedge funds are often secretive investment firms led by supposedly supersmart fund managers. Though, sometimes they implode spectacularly — think Long-Term Capital Management. Another prominent firm, Galleon Group, recently got shut down for rampant insider trading.

As Ebola Outbreak Worsens, West Africa Turns To Quarantines

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President Barack Obama upbraided Congress Friday, saying that lawmakers haven't done enough to help America's economic recovery.

President Obama Slams Congress As He Welcomes Economy's Gains

Touting rosy U.S. economic news that has come out this week, President Obama said America's recovery from a debilitating recession is well underway. But he also said the economy "could be doing even better" if Congress were working harder.

Citing the 200,000 jobs created in July – continuing a six-month streak of at least that level – Obama noted that it was "the first time that has happened since 1997."

Fla. Judge Orders Lawmakers Back To Work On A New Congressional Map

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In July Jobs Numbers, Fodder For Cautious Optimism

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In Gaza, A Glimmer Of Hope For Cease-Fire Is Snuffed Out Early

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Evangelical Christians hold their hands out in prayer during the annual March for Jesus in downtown Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in 2013. Evangelicals play an increasingly large role in the nation's politics.

As Evangelical Clout Grows, Brazil May Face New Culture Wars

Everaldo Dias Pereira — known to his flock as Pastor Everaldo — shakes the hands of potential voters at a shopping mall in a suburb of Sao Paulo in Brazil.

As he wishes them the peace of the Lord, a group of supporters shout out: "Enough of corruption, enough of people who don't know the word of God. We want Pastor Everaldo."

The pastor is running for president, and even though it is unlikely he will win — polls show he only has 3 percent of the vote — his socially conservative message resonates among many of the evangelical faithful.