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Meet NPR's New Chief Executive: Jarl Mohn

NPR announced the selection of a new CEO. His name is Jarl Mohn, a longtime radio disc jockey and former media executive, who's been a venture capitalist and corporate board member in recent years. The appointment of Mohn follows last year's departure of Gary Knell, who left NPR to run the National Geographic Society.

A lab technician lighting a fire in a wind tunnel at a fire lab in Riverside, Calif.

Ahead Of Wildfire Season, Scientists Study What Fuels Fires

As fire managers in the drought-stricken Southwest gear up for another long and expensive wildfire season, federal fire scientists are trying to better understand the physics behind what makes blazes spread.

At a U.S. Forest Service fire lab in Riverside, Calif., a team of scientists is conducting daily experiments over the next few months on different fire behavior conditions. They hope to hand off their findings to fire managers, who have to make the quick decisions on where to deploy resources that could protect lives and property.

Levante's Pape Diop gestures during a Spanish La Liga soccer match against Atlético Madrid on Sunday.

Spain Fines Team Of Racist Banana-Throwing Fan, But Is It Enough?

Days after a banana was thrown at a black soccer player in Spain, igniting an uproar over racism in European sports, a new controversy has erupted over how to punish racist fans.

Richard Parsons

NBA Picks Dick Parsons As Interim CEO Of Los Angeles Clippers

The National Basketball Association has named a new interim CEO for the Los Angeles Clippers: It's Richard Parsons, the former Time Warner CEO who was also a chairman of Citigroup.

David Aldridge of first reported on the appointment.

There was a time when teens would spend hours on the phone gabbing with friends. Now, that's the stodgiest behavior imaginable.

Not-So-Social Media: Why People Have Stopped Talking On Phones

Emma Wisniewski felt exposed. The New York-based actress had moments where she had to open up in a way that made her feel particularly vulnerable.

She had to talk on the phone. In front of people — her fellow actors and the audience.

"I've done several plays now that required talking on landlines, and what always strikes me is the relatively public nature of it," she says.

Sefer Çalınak, right, and the host of Flash TV's Ne Çıkarsa Bahtına<em> </em>(<em>The Luck of the Draw</em>).

Turkish Man On Dating Show Was Ax Murderer; He Also Killed Wife

Think your love life is complicated?

A 62-year-old Turkish man went on a dating show and stunned the host and audience when he revealed that he'd killed his first wife. Not just that: He also revealed that he'd killed his former lover with an ax. But Sefer Çalınak told Flash TV's Ne Çıkarsa Bahtına (The Luck of the Draw) that he'd learned from his past, and said he was now an "honest person looking for a new wife."

Health Centers Hurt In States That Skipped Medicaid Expansion

More than 1 million patients who use federally funded community health centers will remain uninsured because they live in 24 states that chose not to expand Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act, according to a study released Friday by researchers at George Washington University.

President Vladimir Putin lays flowers during a ceremony marking Victory Day in the Crimean city of Sevastopol Friday. It was his first visit to the region since Russia annexed it in March.

Russia's President Visits Annexed Crimea

Russian President Vladimir Putin hailed Crimea's "return to the Motherland," in his first appearance in the territory since Russia annexed the Ukrainian region in March.

The visit was ostensibly to mark Victory Day, Russia's most important secular holiday that honors the 1945 Soviet victory over the Nazis. And it came just hours after Putin oversaw a parade of troops, tanks and missile launchers making its way through Moscow's Red Square.

Noah was the most popular name for new baby boys in the U.S. last year, the Social Security Administration says. Noah's biblical namesake is also featured in a film starring Russell Crowe.

Flood Of Noahs Hit U.S. Cribs In 2013, Taking Baby Name Honors

After 54 years of dominance, Jacob and Mark have been overcome by Noah as the most popular name for baby boys in the U.S. Among girls, Sophia was the top pick.

The Social Security Administration called the findings "an upset" Friday. The news seems sure to bring a deluge of quips working off of Noah's biblical namesake.

"Noah sailed past Jacob to become the most popular baby name for boys in 2013," the AP tells us, adding that Jacob had occupied the top spot for 14 years.

Jarl Mohn, a veteran of radio and television, will be NPR's new CEO, the organization's board of directors announced Friday.

NPR Names Jarl Mohn As Its New CEO And President

Media industry veteran Jarl Mohn will be NPR's new CEO, the organization's board of directors has announced.

Mohn, 62, currently sits on the board of directors at several media organizations, including Scripps Networks Interactive and Web analytics company ComScore. He is also on the boards of KPCC Southern California Public Radio and the USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism.

Announcing the hire, Kit Jensen, who chairs NPR's board of directors, said Mohn has "an ability to find nuanced and new ideas." He is slated to start work at NPR on July 1.