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These pop-up targets are part of an advanced drill, named "friend or foe," that tests shooter reaction times. Some targets have a camera, and others, like these pictured, have a gun. The shooter must decide within seconds whether to shoot.

Saudi Arabia Ramps Up Training To Repel Homegrown Terrorists

Many Americans believe that Saudi Arabia has links to Islamist militants, but the Saudis say they are victims of terrorism, too.

The self-proclaimed Islamic State has recruited more than 2,000 young Saudi men, despite government programs to stop them.

Now, the Saudi government shares the fears of the U.S. and Europe: that these violent young men will come home and carry out attacks. There are signs that's already happening. As a result, the Saudis are ramping up training for counterterrorism missions.

Funagrette combines "funag" with "vinaigrette."

Sandwich Monday: Pizza-Flavored Salad Dressing

After years of doing Sandwich Monday, we've decided to try a salad. In order to make the transition easier for everyone, we're eating it with "Cheesy Pizza" Flavored Salad Dressing from Chef Kidd's "Funagrette."

That last paragraph is a lie. We're eating this because they sent us a box of it and we'll eat anything you send us. Speaking of which: Office Depot, there was an incident. We need more toner.

Ian: "Funagrette" is also a good name for a product that gets kids to try cigarettes.

White House: Obama Traded Emails With Clinton, But Didn't Know Account Was Private

President Obama exchanged emails with Hillary Clinton while she served as secretary of state, the White House said Monday, a day after the president told CBS he learned about Clinton's use of a private email address through news reports like "everybody else."

Do Parents Nurture Narcissists By Pouring On The Praise?

When a kid does something amazing, you want to tell her so. You might tell her that she's very smart. You might tell her that she's a very special kid. Or you might say that she must have worked really hard.

University of Notre Dame contends that the act of signing a form opting out of the Affordable Care Act's birth control mandate makes the school complicit in providing coverage.

Supreme Court Sends Birth Control Case Back To Appeals Court

The U.S. Supreme Court has ordered a federal appeals court to take a second look at the University of Notre Dame's challenge to the birth control mandate in Obamacare, and the rules for opting out of the required coverage.

The law allows religious charities and educational institutions to opt out of providing employee and student birth control coverage by signing a one-page form.

But Notre Dame contends that the act of signing that opt-out form makes it complicit in providing coverage that the Catholic university objects to on religious grounds.

Manophet climbs out of a crater in rural Xieng Khouang, Laos — a remnant of the U.S. bombing campaign during the Vietnam War.

The Lone Buffalo Cleared Unexploded Bombs And Boosted Needy Kids

The Lone Buffalo is gone but his spirit lives on.

That's the nickname used by Manophet. I met him in Laos a decade ago while researching the unexploded bombs dropped by the United States during the Vietnam War.

Manophet knew all about the ordnance left behind: an estimated 80 million bombs along with tons of metal. Adults and children in rural areas, where jobs are scarce, often collect the scrap metal to supplement their meager incomes.

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker speaks at the Iowa Agriculture Summit in Des Moines, Iowa, on Saturday.

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker Signs Right-To-Work Bill

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker signed a right-to-work measure Monday that makes his state the 25th in the nation with such a law. That effectively means that mandatory union membership and dues are banned at privately owned businesses — a move strongly opposed by unions, which say it restricts collective bargaining.

A handout image from Solar Impulse 2 shows the solar-powered airplane flying at the start of an attempt to make a historic round-the-world journey.

Solar-Powered Airplane Embarks On Attempt To Fly Around The World

It weighs as much as an SUV, but its wingspan is wider than a 747's. And Monday, a solar-powered airplane flew over the Gulf of Oman, starting what its pilots hope will be a record-setting trip around the world.

The trip began Monday morning in Abu Dhabi, where Andre Borschberg, one of two rotating pilots, took off on a 215-mile trip to Muscat, Oman, that required about 13 hours. On Tuesday, the plane will fly to India.

Silvester Fullard fixes dinner for his 11-year-old son Tavestsiar. When Tavestsiar first came to live with his dad in 2010, he was closed off, Silvester says; "he didn't want to be around other kids."

To Head Off Trauma's Legacy, Start Young

At the Cobbs Creek Clinic in West Philadelphia, Dr. Roy Wade relies on some of the same tools every pediatrician uses for exams — blood pressure cuffs, a stethoscope, and, of course, tongue depressors.

He also uses particular questions to get at something that few doctors try to measure: childhood adversity.

Apple CEO Tim Cook talks about the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus during an Apple event on Monday in San Francisco.

#AppleWatchEvent: Follow NPR's Laura Sydell As Apple Unveils Its Smart Watch

Apple is expected to unveil its much-anticipated watch today.

NPR's Laura Sydell (@Sydell) is live-tweeting the Apple event in San Francisco. You can read those tweets here.

As Rachel Myrow and Christina Farr of member station KQED reported on Morning Edition, Apple's entry into the " smart watch market is expected to have a huge impact. How much of one is a multibillion dollar question."