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A video of a crow using a jar lid as a sled has been a recent hit on YouTube. But as winter storms continue, many of us are running out of ways to enjoy the snow.

Winter Blahs Got You Down? 'Crowboarding' Video Can Help

With parts of the U.S. engulfed once more in a polar vortex that has brought crippling winter storms to large swaths of the country, it might seem that this winter will never end.

If the snow and ice have cramped your style, you might take cues from a clever crow who has a taste for winter sports.

Clara Rojas waves as she arrives at an airport near Caracas, Venezuela, on Jan. 10, 2008, after being released from six years of captivity by Colombian rebels.

The Colombian Politician With An Incredible Back Story

Politicians on the campaign trail love to talk about their personal stories and they often mention their kids as well. It can be pretty routine stuff, unless you happen to be Clara Rojas, a candidate for Congress in Colombia's elections next month.

Rojas, a lawyer, was a central figure in one of the most dramatic episodes of Colombia's long guerrilla war. In 2002, she was managing the presidential campaign of Ingrid Betancourt when both women were kidnapped by Marxist rebels.