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Ram Nagarkoti responds to emergency calls and brings injured dogs to the triage room at the Kathmandu Animal Treatment Centre.

When A Stray Dog's In Trouble, Katmandu's Canine Rescuers Jump To It

The phone calls start in early morning. They are strikingly similar.

"There is an injured dog on the street. Can you take care of it?"

Ram Nagarkoti, the 31-year-old ambulance driver at the Kathmandu Animal Treatment Centre (KAT Centre), often spends his days zigzagging through traffic, waving at police officers as he edges across chaotic intersections and squeezing into labyrinthian alleyways to find his patient — one of 20,000 stray dogs in Nepal's capital.

IOC President Thomas Bach delivers a speech at the start of the 127th International Olympic Committee session in Monaco on Monday.

IOC Unveils Changes Including Lower Bidding Costs, More Sports At Olympics

A reduced cost of bidding, a new Olympic channel and a more flexible program that could see the inclusion of new sports — those are among the recommendation approved unanimously today by the International Olympic Committee at its meeting in Monaco.

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio is hosting mayors from across the country to support President Obama's executive actions of immigration.

Democratic Mayors Back Obama's Immigration Plan, Citing Economic Benefits

Short on the heels of a nonbinding House vote to block President Obama's executive action on immigration, some 20 Democratic U.S. mayors are meeting today in New York City to send a different message:

They want to help implement the president's plan.

New evidence on the effectiveness of medical treatments can take a long time to be adopted by doctors.

Doctors Are Slow To Adopt Changes In Breast Cancer Treatment

Cancer doctors want the best, most effective treatment for their patients. But it turns out many aren't paying attention to evidence that older women with early stage breast cancer may be enduring the pain, fatigue and cost of radiation treatment although it doesn't increase life expectancy.

A Filipino man carries a dirty plastic sheet from his house after strong waves from Typhoon Hagupit battered a coastal village in Legazpi, Albay province, in the eastern Philippines, on Monday. Residents begin trickling back to their homes after the local government said the typhoon has passed their province.

Typhoon Death Toll Rises In Philippines, Though Devastation Less Than Feared

At least 21 people are dead and more than a million others have been forced into shelters after Typhoon Hagupit hit the central Philippines this weekend, but the storm has spared the region the devastation of last year's Typhoon Haiyan.

Protesters light a dumpster on fire, early Monday in Berkeley, Calif., as raucous demonstrations hit the streets of California for a second straight night in response to police killings in Missouri and New York.

Bay Area Protests Turn Violent For Second Night In A Row

Protests over police killings in Missouri and New York turned violent in Berkeley, Calif., for the second night in a row as demonstrators vandalized businesses and blocked traffic on a freeway.

"I did a few things that, you know, I'm not too proud of but, you know, I felt like it was all for a good cause at the time," protester Gary Leroy told KRON TV.

Protesters threw rocks and bottles at police who responded with tear gas.

<strong>Examples of a family drawing assessment: </strong>A drawing from a child scored with minimal indicators of family dysfunction (top), and one from a child scored with elevated levels of family dysfunction (bottom).

Kids' Drawings Speak Volumes About Home

When children reach 6 years old, their drawings matter.

Not because of those purple unicorns or pinstripe dragons but because of how kids sketch themselves and the very real people in their lives.

Bob Smithson, 79, can now hold his head upright and breathe on his own, thanks to a medication for myasthenia gravis.

Medicine's Subtle Art Gives A Man The Chance To Breathe Again

Bob Smithson had been in the critical care unit at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston for more than a week. He had a rare neuromuscular disease, and his 78-year-old body was being kept alive by tubes that delivered air to his lungs and food to his stomach.

Then Bob's wife, Pat, got some really disturbing news. The hospital's medical staff wanted Bob to have a tracheostomy, a surgical procedure that would carve a hole in his neck and allow doctors to keep him on a breathing machine indefinitely.

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